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A Study On Construction Of Qinhuangdao Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2014-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330422466624Subject:Public Management
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The Report of the18th Communist Party of China (referred to as CPC) proposes,“Deepen the administrative examination and approval system reform, and continue todecentralize to promote the development of government functions to create a betterenvironment with high-quality public services and safeguard social justice.” As a newgovernment agency appeared in the process of reforming administrative examination andapproval system, the Administrative Service Center, adhering the spirit of convenient andefficient service, implementing the mode of operation with integration, collaboration andcentralization, and relaying on advanced means of services, has an extremely importantand far-reaching meaning of assuming the responsibilities of dealing with administrativeapproval items and public service items on behalf of the government. Through the study ofbasic circumstances and major functions in the Administrative Service Center ofQinhuangdao People’s Government, the thesis figures the existing problems, summarizesthe specific causes of the problems and thus provides the scientific suggestions for futuredevelopment of the Administrative Service Center. It has an important and realisticmeaning for the Administrative Service Center to transform government functions andimprove service quality and sustained and healthy development.The thesis regards the administrative service center as a research center. By usingliterature analysis method, the writer summarizes the issues of research actuality on theadministrative service center of domestic and foreign scholars and also explores someinspirations and reference of foreign country in this area to China. Service orientedgovernment theory and the new public service theory are the theoretical foundation of ourcountry’s administrative service center. By using historical research method, the writersums up current situation and positive effects of the whole country’s administrative servicecenter and absorbs the advanced experience in various places to promote development ofthe Administrative Service Center of Qinhuangdao People’s Government with a great leap.By using empirical analysis method, the writer focuses on its basic function, runningsituation and remarkable achievements in such aspects as normalizing government actions, enhancing administrative efficiency and promoting the establishment of service-orientedgovernments. By using experience summarizing method, the writer lists burning questionswhich exist in the actual operation in such aspects as self-construction, service efficiency,system construction, informatization construction. The writer also explains the reasonsdeeply.As for the existing problem, starting from the ideology of building a service-orientedgovernment, transforming government functions and putting people first, the thesis putsforward the related proposals and suggestions in such aspects through pushing forward theadministrative examination and approval system reform, promoting the whole city’sequalization development in administrative service system, business process reengineering,enhancing the service efficiency and increasing the application of e-government. This isthe work direction and task in the near future.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented government, equalization in administrative service system, process reengineering, E-government
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