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Research On Dissidence Action Of Execution In Our Country

Posted on:2015-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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“No rights, no relief”,Relief is the cornerstone of security rights to exercise,Only underthe relief system for better protection and escort,The exercise of the rights of the parties canbe better. The civil execution as the last link in the process of the civil lawsuit, It is in order toensure the case according to law to make a judgment or written order or any other legaldocument of the referee in the content to be deliver on time, Our country the executive organof the people’s courts use conferred by the state coercive power and legal enforcementmeasures, And strictly follow the legal procedures for compulsory legal obligation of theparties to perform its obligations in accordance with the law on civil executionbehavior.However,in the judicial practice,because on the civil execution is widely, Oftentouched the class body more of a variety of legal rights.Due to the existence of a variety of reasons in reality, May arise from improperexecution behavior or unlawful,assaults on outsiders or the legitimate rights of adverseconsequences, This requires the legislature formulate corresponding relief measures,the civilexecution relief.In fact, Carry out relief work quality,Will directly affect the degree ofenforcement work to carry out the enforcement agencies, Is also a key link in the process offairness, efficient execution.The author first from the implementation of relief system athome and abroad for the Angle, research, development, Specific mention execution objectionlawsuit is expounded, the condition of different reason, and using the method of comparisondemonstrates compare different reason and instructions. In the end,for the future judicialpractice how to further perfect the system of execution objection lawsuit in our country hascarried on the thinking, And based on your research and ideas on execution objection lawsuitsystem recommendations contribute better applied in judicial practice. Hope that throughthese research methods and theory can make the execution of relief system in our country inthe future more tend to be fair, justice, legal and efficient. For the future study of this systemhas a reference value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Relief system of civil execution, The lawsuit of enforcement, Outer party dissidence, Dissent action of execution
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