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Procedural Problem In China’s Grass-roots Election

Posted on:2014-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The reform and opening since1978made china’s economy growing rapidly. Bythis achievement, the Communist Party of China got the legitimacy of politics on theoriginal legitimacy of political achievements. However, along with further reform,many problems occur in new forms. The ideological legitimacy of the CommunistParty was impacted by the western ideological and the political legitimacy fell intothe "dilemma of political achievement". So the construction of procedure legality hasbeen put on the agenda.As an effective way to procedure legitimacy, election is highly thought of bythe western countries. In fact, the first generation leaders of the Communist Partyhad carried out a universal election in early period of Yanan. Then after the reformand opening up, Deng Xiaoping led China’s people made a series of democraticelections such as village autonomy, community autonomy and the enterpriseworkers’ unionThis paper takes political legitimacy as a breakthrough point, emphaticallydiscusses the procedural legitimacy problem, select the rural village committeeelection as a typical case, trying to find out the existing defects of the electoralprocedure in our country,. Then puts forward corresponding suggestions, improvethe electoral procedure, to lay a good foundation for the construction of the party’slegitimacy program. Procedural legitimacy problem, select the rural villagecommittee election as a typical case, trying to find out the existing defects of theelectoral procedure in our countryThis paper is divided into six parts: the first chapter is introduction, introducesthe research methods, research status and research topic in present this problem by;the second chapter starts with the democratic election, the democratic practice of theCommunist Party of China facing legitimacy crisis and the leaders of the thirdchapter of the history of the party; focus on the rural village elections, to describe thesituation from two aspects of legal procedure and the actual operation; the fourthchapter in the survey of a village in Hebei Province as a case, through bothqualitative and quantitative analysis method, study on the influence of the election ofvillagers committees for. The fifth chapter of excellent experience of other countriesfor reference of grassroots democracy itself, aiming at the existing problems ofChina’s democracy at the grassroots level put forward improving methods; the sixthchapter is the conclusion, summarizes the full text.
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