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The Problems Of Civil Adjudication And Its Countermeasure Research

Posted on:2014-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The article’s research area is the civil judgment and the main task of this articleis to analysis the current situation of the civil judgment. With the research aboutseveral important steps of the civil judgment, to point out the problems of them, findthe cause of the problem, and give the idea to improve them with the theoreticalknowledge. Hope this article will do better for the improvement of the judicial levelof civil judgment in China.Chapter one of this article is to analysis the significance and purpose of thisarticle, to point out it’s necessary to change the current situation of the civiljudgment and summarize the details and opinions of literature from domestic andoverseas, to find their resolutions about how to improve the civil judgment, and thengive the questions of the author; Chapter two, to find four important steps of the civiljudgment according to the Author’s understanding, each of them is coordination ofcourt trial, course of fact finding, choose and application of law and how to expoundthe explanation of the written judgment, and then find the current problem of them,prepare for the further analysis below; Chapter three, to find out the cause of theproblem of the civil judgment, with the reason of the problem, then the improvementwill find accordingly; Chapter four, according to the problems of current situationsand its reason, the author of this article will give terms of settlement to them on thebasis of his own understanding and try the best to find new solutions, so that theeffect of the judicial will be advanced; Chapter five will give the summarize of thisarticle and point out the judicial adjudication will get more and more perfect with theendeavor of the society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil judgment, Course of fact finding, Ratio decidendi
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