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Comparison Between China And The United States In Central Asia Policy After "9.11"

Posted on:2015-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M X LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330425463127Subject:International relations
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American Foreign policy has undergone profound adjustment afterthe9.11event, one of the most significant events in21stcentury.Since then,Anti-terroism has been become one of the maintargets in American foreign policy. After9.11event, the U. S troopsentered the central Asian areas in the name of attackingterrorism, and the geo-politics of Central Asia has becomeincreasingly complicated. Under this circumastance, China adjustedCentral Asia policy, which was guided by the national interest andkept in line with the current geo-political situation in CentralAsia.Based on reviews of the status quo of previous researchresults, this thesis mainly carries out a comparative study onA‘merican and Chinese ‘Central A"sian policy. From historical and’geopolitical perspective, the thesis analyzes two states foreignpolicies in Central Asia, and also further probes into the motivesof the policy making process. Considering the national interest,China and the United States have competition and confrontation inCentral Asia area, however, the two states also boast commoninterest. Through extensive cooperation, mutual benefit and commondevelopment will be achieved in the future.Because the development and stability of Central Asia has greatinfluence on the prosperity of border areas of western China, ourChina Central Asian policy should be further adjusted andimproved. And on this point, the thesis provides reference value.
Keywords/Search Tags:9.11event, the U. S, China, Central Asian policy, Comparative study
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