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New Public Service Theory-based Performance Appraisal System To Build A Service-oriented Township Government

Posted on:2014-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425469610Subject:The government management
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The new public service theory was first proposed by the famous American public management scientist Denhat couple. The new public management theory can be said to be "takes its essence, goes to its dregs", the critical reflection and construction of deep. The theory is that the citizen as a whole system of Governance Center, emphasis on changing the role of government, the government should "service rather than navigation", advocating the spirit of public service, pay attention to dialogue and communication and cooperation of government, township, between citizens rule. At present, with the rapid development of social economy, the reform of government management system unceasingly thorough, the construction of service-oriented government has important schedule, governments at all levels at the same time, government performance assessment as a new management concept and management method, has become the responsibility of the government, improve the effective tool of government management.This article is on the basis of the new public service theory research, learn and practice the theory analysis, A County township government performance evaluation system status quo analysis obtained A county, township government performance evaluation system assessment indicatorsdefective design, the use is not comprehensive and other aspects of examination results. I proceed from a number of aspects of service-oriented township government performance evaluation system proposed in this paper:If the government management philosophy and service-oriented township government performance appraisal principles, to establish the principle of "service-oriented" indicators of performance appraisal main content establish a service-oriented township government evaluation of incentive mechanisms. These proposals will help to promote the construction and improvement of township government service.
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