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Empirical Study Summary Indictment Enhance The Efficiency Value

Posted on:2014-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Litigation efficiency is an important application of criminal summary values,emphasizing the efficiency of the proceedings is to require some investment ofresources in exchange for a maximum of judicial proceedings results, namely reducelitigation costs, improve efficiency of the proceedings, accelerated litigation process,reducing delays and backlog of cases. Theoretically," belated justice, injustice," aswell as economic analysis of law school representatives Posner ’s view that efficiencyand justice are synonymous, and declared righteous second meaning, simply put, iseffective. In today’s world, criminal summary procedure is to optimize theconfiguration of the embodiment of judicial authority, the implementation casessimplified shunt will help improve the ability of the judiciary to punish crimeseffectively and efficiently. In China, the expansion of criminal summary procedureapplicable for implementing the criminal policy of combining punishment withleniency, safeguard the legitimate interests of the parties, to further enhance the actionof civilization, the level of judicial protection of democracy and human rights hasimportant significance.2013, the revised Code of Criminal Procedure so that ourcriminal justice into a new era. The Code of Criminal Procedure modified to furtherimprove the simplified procedure, the prosecution indictment scientific allocation ofresources, emphasis on the pursuit of justice under the premise of efficiency,convenient and efficient for the prosecution to carry out the work providesopportunities. Also, because it maximizes the value of the pursuit of efficiency, butalso on public prosecution department in case of prosecution put forward new andhigher requirements, how to deal with the new requirements, particularly summaryadjudication of cases right sentencing recommendation, prosecutors appear rigidrequirement is worthwhile our common research topics. In this paper, the concept ofcriminal summary, history and purpose of the establishment of an introduction, list of foreign countries in criminal law and criminal content summary justice and efficiency inthe meaning and relationship to Hulunbeier grass-roots Procuratorate case summaryrelevant circumstances (Hulunbeier area13grassroots procuratorate, in March2010-2012summary cases were handled in1206, accounting for24%of all cases, courtprosecution141, the trial rate of12%. way all summary court are a case of a court.) asthe object of investigation and analysis studies to large amounts of data and practicalexamples to illustrate the summary procedure in the primary areas of both fairness andefficiency of the value of the expression, combined with China’s grassroots judicialpractice, from reasonably effective optimization allocation indictment resources to fullyprotect the accused litigation rights, etc., on the prosecution prosecution departments toactively respond to simple changes in procedures made their views.
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