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Constructing For Public Service Pattern Of City Community Guided By Inhabitant Requirement

Posted on:2014-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425984970Subject:Administrative Management
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Communities are the basic units of city, which have fitted into the daily life of city dweller and became as a necessary part with the rapid economic development and intensive urbanization construction in our country. The public service quality of communities has important effect on the stability and solidarity of the society. At present, researches on the public service models of community at home and abroad are mainly guided by government supply, while the studies on public service based on the citizen requirement are rarely considered. The researches on community public service in our country mostly focus on the explanation of intension, extension and classification and the initial exploration of individual case, and especially have no innovation on the public service model investigation, the developing of reasonable model based on the public service situation in our country does not being carried out. Now, the factors of economy development, society transformation and diversification of citizen requirement in our country will produce the significant influence on the supply of community public service, but the present government supply can not satisfy the diversified citizen requirement,.the public service must be timely, specific, ordered and effective to solve the contradiction between the limitation of the supply and the boundless of the requirement. Under the background of the construction of the a service-oriented government administrative reform in our country, it’s significant both on theory and reality for the construction of the "people first" society to explore the new model matched the tendency of the public service nowadays guided by the requirement of the citizens.In this paper, the two communities of Boyuan and Ligong at the south Luoshi road in Hongshan distinct are selected as the research objects, the study on the public service model guided by the citizen requirement is carried out using the methods of document analysis, comparison, questionnaire survey and quantitative analysis based on the basic theory of the new public management theory, the new public service and community autonomy theory.This paper clarified the related concepts of residents’demand oriented urban community public service, including the new community public service, community public service mode, residents demand orientation, and the similarities and differences between demand and government supply guidance. Then analysis is made according to the maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory analysis on community residents demand level, and the questionnaire and survey is designed to investigate the community residents demand in Hongshan Luonan street. Through the questionnaire survey statistics, the different levels of community public service demand is quantitatively analysed and desecrated. At last, the public service model guided by the requirement of citizens is established and the specific measures are put forward on basis of the theories and reality discovered by the survey.In this paper, in order to breaking through the limitation of government supply oriented research at home and abroad of the urban community public service pattern, for the first time the combination of theoretical analysis and practical survey for empirical research is adopted to improve the already existing community service content, forms and ways, providing a more perfect, higher quality service for the community residents, thus seeking better understanding on the real demand tables of the needs of society and the public in the community service, perfecting the existing community public service mode. Through the investigation and analysis, the concept of "begin with identification of residents needs, meet the needs of residents" is promoted. Great efforts should be made to build "service-oriented government" and " harmonious community", strengthen the construction of community, improve the community public service, improve people’s life, resolve social contradictions and promote social harmony.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community public service, New public service theory, Governmentsupply guidance, Citizen requirement level, Service-type government
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