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The Alienation Behavior And The Governance Of Local Government In The Rural Land Collection

Posted on:2015-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428483617Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with our country industrialization, urbanization and the rapid developmentof social modernization, a large amount of construction land is urgent demand, underthe condition of limited land resources, it is inevitable that construction land expandtoward the agricultural land and rural housing construction land. In the process of thisexpansion, however, increasingly shows farmers’ weakly rights and interests and defectsof the rural land property rights system,the alienation expropriation behavior of localgovernment, etc.Land collection problem is caused by many factors, local governments and thefarmers have the responsibility, so as holes of the land system. But the local governmentas the main executor of land collection, has unshirkable responsibility.This article mainly use literature research method and case analysis method,analysize alienation behavior of local government in the process of land collection, andmainly from two aspects, one is defects of rural land property rights system in China,which for local governments to impose or benefit in the expropriation; the other isthe"economic man" characteristics of local governments, violate the law to collect landwith lower costs, abuse the collection rights, obtain high interest, construct achievementproject, obtain department and individual political and economic interests. Therefore,from two aspects to solve the problem of expropriation behavior of local government,on the one hand, to perfect the current rural land property rights system in our country,in order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of farmers; On the otherhand to further promote the reform of political system, and transform governmentfunction, strictly regulate the behavior of local governments.
Keywords/Search Tags:land collection, rural land property rights system, land management, local government, alienation behavior of local government
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