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The Studay Of Supervision Mechanism Of Governmeent Inaction

Posted on:2015-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428484769Subject:Administrative Management
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The Government, as Community manager, was once considered represented public power, which is seeking to maximize the publicinterest. However, the governments at all levels in reality are often based on their owninterests to select methods and means while dealing with the daily affairs, as far as possible to meet their own interests, the whole process is a lot of performances of government inaction. This is a hidden corruption on government administration, unlike other illegal behaviors that result obvious harm, the harm has some hidden and deceptive characteristics. Kinds of government inaction give rise to lots of social injustice, prejudice the legitimate interests of the public interests and citizens, severely weakened the government’s legitimacy and credibility of the people in mind. In the long run, the government’s inaction would affect the party’s ruling status, thereby endangering the stability of the current political situation. Many measures should be taken to get rid of government inaction, in order to facilitate the discussion further, in this paper, I just want to discuss how to build and improve the supervision mechanism to digest and get rid of the phenomenon. The paper is Taking the concept, the performance, the harm and cause analysis of government inaction as the starting points, elaborates the theoretical foundation of supervision mechanism of government inaction, probes into how to strengthen the oversight powers internal and external of the government and how to establish and improve the supervision mechanism of government inaction, in the base of analysising current situation, existing problems and reasons of supervision mechanism of government inaction,I hope the study conclusions can provide some guidance and reference value for the healthy development of governance and society.
Keywords/Search Tags:inaction, government inaction, supervision, supervisionmechanism
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