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A Study On The Human Resources Performance Management Of A Provincial Foreign Affairs Organization

Posted on:2015-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428496477Subject:Business Administration
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In recent years, performance management is increasingly common in the managementpractice of government organizations at all levels. The performance management systemconstruction has become an important part of our country’s government administrativemanagement innovation. Great achievement has been gained in the governmentorganization’s performance management work over years’ effort and research. The CivilServant Law of the People’s Republic of China which is implemented in2006and the CivilServant Examination Regulation (trial) which is issued in January,2007have in particularstepped up the practice of performance management work in a lawful and scientific manner.In real practice, however, performance management is always replaced by performanceexamination, which fails the expected result and blocks the endeavor to improve theadministrative organization’s performance.Local foreign affairs workers are a special group since many factors such as the peoplethey serve and the working conditions they are confronted is much different from otheradministrative organizations. At present, the international environment is complicated andvolatile. Since the18thCPC National Congress, the local foreign affairs workers are facingwith new and higher requirement from the CPC Central Committee’s further reform andopening-up. In light of this, a good performance management plays an important role inimproving the overall quality of the foreign affairs workers, enhancing their capacity in thework of the country’s diplomacy and the local economic development. Through study ofhuman resources knowledge and research into a provincial foreign affairs organization’smanagement, the author finds the problems in performance management of the foreignaffairs organization is worth of discussing and being improved. The essay will begin with abrief introduction of the domestic performance management practice. Through elaboration ofthe concept, meaning and function of human resources management and performancemanagement, the essay will analyze the shared and different aspects of performancemanagement and performance evaluation before analyzing the human resources situation,problems, reasons and factors of the provincial foreign affairs organization and put forwardresolution and formulate a exploratory performance management system for theorganization.
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