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Control Of The Administrative Costs Of Government

Posted on:2015-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428955984Subject:Administrative Management
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Recently, the administration cost issue becomes a cliché, but the heated discussionin academia didn’t totally transform to the actual government reaction. There are somany reasons caused this situation, for instance, the theory misguide the practice. Thisthesis tries to set up a restrictive system for the administration cost with budget, andprovides more possibilities for the government administrative reform. As we all known,administrative cost is social resources that the government as a main part in publicadministration spent during its administrate process. However, this becomes a publicjoke when the administrative cost compare with the service that the government bring tothe public. The abuse of administration cost lead to corruption, wasting of resources,dereliction of administrative staff, and these entire problems should arouse a fullyconcerned by the whole nation, society, and the public. Low effective of thegovernment’s administration will easily result in the dissatisfaction of the public andeven lower the credibility for the government. In Chinese recent period, there are somany mass disturbance breaking out from the public, and even directly confront to thegovernment. All these phenomenon turns out that the government will havemanagement crisis whether as a manager of a public administration or a delegateselected by people once it lost the trust of people. Moreover, the increasing of theadministration cost will necessarily aggravate the financial burden, and then cause avaries of social problems. Therefore, from all aspects, the government should not onlytake the restriction of the administration cost into consideration, but also need to makethe improvement fast. Only in this way could the government achieve the pattern of“small government, big power”.Eighteen report clearly states that " strict control mechanism to reduce the numberof leadership positions, reduce administrative costs," which are mainly administrativereform from the start, controlling the number of permanent staff, reducing the numberof senior people, and thus reduce the cost of human resources agency. The reform of the administrative system is the superstructure in order to meet social development, tomeet the economic development made progressive reform. Control the amount ofpreparation has also been involved in this article, but I pay more attention to budgetconstraints force for administrative costs. Firstly, the research results at home andabroad for the administrative cost control and budget management related theories toorganize, build a solid theoretical foundation for filling the framework of this paper;Secondly, the administrative costs of government control problems with three point ofview, including the government ’s own management perspective, budget managementperspective and a combination of both lower angle, a different perspective can helpanalyze the causes of the problem comprehensively, objectively screenings emergingissues, and then to solve the structure of the cornerstone issues; Finally, based on theadministrative cost control budget constraints view force on practical problems raisedby one viable solutionPerspective budget reform to study the control of the government administrativecosts in our country, not only conducive to the implementation of administrative reformera of the voice, but also conducive to reshape the government’s credibility in the publicmind, so that the people believe the government’s propaganda, relying on thegovernment’s administrative as a style of government and satisfaction. Whether theservice-oriented government restructuring to be successful, will work directly with thegovernment for administrative costs related to the control level.
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