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Research On Network Management Of Zi Xinyuan Community In Yinchuan City

Posted on:2015-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428960080Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of society and the gradual disintegration of the social system of duality," unit man " has transformed into "social man", people dependent on units are becoming less and less, but the dependent on the community to is growing. However, public goods and services which communities can provide for people is very limited, the huge gap between supply and demand led to the dissatisfaction, it has evolved into a key factor affecting the healthy development of our society. Thus, people feel strongly that the government needs to speed up reforms to continuously improve their service capabilities. In this backdrop, how to provide efficient and convenient for community residents of public goods, public services and public administration, has been placed in front of the city government to become one of the main problem.Over the years, with the development of information technology, urban grid management as a new mode of urban management came into being, it has not only reflected in a new digitization of urban management, but also represented the direction of the future development of the modern city management. In this article I firstly introduce the community development process, objectives and management institutions. Secondly, it focuses to identify the dilemma and reasons of network community management of Zi Xinyuan, including dislocation of the role of government, the dual identity of residents, institutional reform is lagging behind and the personnel quality is not high and the lack of legal norms in these five areas. Finally, under the guidance of polycentric governance theory, this paper puts forward a perfect measures to improve network community management of Zi Xinyuan, including clear the government role orientation, cultivate citizen awareness, establish long-term effective mechanism of community, improve the construction of community organizations and improve the relevant laws and regulations. This paper provides a new way of thinking to further improve network management of Zi Xinyuan community and has some practical significance. But the lack of limited theoretical level, there are still a lot of things including inadequate ability to control the basic theory and other issues to improve.
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