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Shandong Anti-Japanese Base Of Cadre Education

Posted on:2014-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428960754Subject:Marxism in China
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In September18,2009the fourth plenary session of the seventeenth central committeeof the communist party of china (CCCPC) was held in Beijing, it examined and passed the<The decision of CCCPC about several major issues on strengthening and improving theparty construction under the new situation>. The decision submitted that to construct theparty as a learning-type party and comprehensively improve the political and ideologicallevel of the party. And it also called on the whole party must in accordance with therequirement about depend on the scientific theory, have the world perspective, good atgrasping the regularity and full of innovative spirit to construct a Marxist learning-typeparty as a task. It’s an arduous and urgent strategic task. This task makes the educationwithin the party especially the education of cadres become a hot topic once again and alsomakes the content and mode of Education of Cadres cause the extensive concern of theexperts and scholars.The Anti-Japanese War as the great disaster of the Communist Party of China and eventhe Chinese nation had brought the huge trauma and Lessons written in blood to the oldChina and the Chinese people, but this anti-aggression war had also become a significantturning point in the history of the Chinese nation’s destiny rewritten. Eight years of bloodybattles brought great sacrifices to the Chinese people. At this critical point of life anddeath of the Chinese nation, millions of Chinese compatriots demonstrated unprecedentedunity and had no fear of the bloodshed and sacrifice, with flesh and blood they opened up acompletely new road for the new China. The Young Communist Party of China is the leaderof opening this road. Since the Anti-Japanese War, the Communist Party of China who stillin the infancy had gradually changed from naive to mature. They leaded the Chinese peoplestart a extremely hard and bitter struggle and then guided the disaster-ridden old China tothe new-democratic revolution road.At the same time of the war, in order to improve combat effectiveness and reservetalent resources for the latter part of the construction of the new China, the anti-Japanesebase areas as the rear of the war carried out various forms of training cadres. In this period,the education of cadres in Shandong anti-Japanese base area is successful. In this extremelydifficult environment, the base area cultivated and improved the overwhelming majority ofquality and professional ability of cadres. The base area not only provided the talentguarantee for the victory of the war, but also reserves a large number of outstanding talentsfor the war of liberation and the construction of new China. Analysis and Research on thehistory of this period, not only can reproduce the resplendence of the education of cadres inShandong during the period of the anti-Japanese war, but also had very important theoretical and practical significance for the development of education of cadres.Based on this background, the thesis aimed at the education of cadres in Shandonganti-Japanese base area to discuss and preliminary reproduced its overall perspective, andthen tried to reveal the value system and knowledge system and education system of theeducation of cadres. Based on these above, the thesis is to enhance understanding ofShandong base area and even education of cadres in whole country, then learn fromexperience and lessons, and summarize the rules and characteristics. Then deepen theunderstanding of the development of Shandong base area and the process of developmentof the party to service for the construction of learning-tape party.The thesis is divided into four parts. Starting from the necessity of education of cadresduring the period of Anti-Japanese War and the discussion of whole situation, the thesis willanalyze the subjective and objective reasons of implementation of education of cadres andrelated policies promulgated by CCCPC. Then be aimed at the education of cadres inShandong anti-Japanese base area of analysis will be in full swing. It has three maindirections: general situation of Shandong base area, the reason of think highly of theeducation and progress and corresponding measures in the education. After that, the thesiswill focus on the analysis of characteristics of education of cadres in Shandonganti-Japanese base area from six aspects like system of education, teaching methods,teaching contents. In the end, the thesis will summarize the significance, experience andenlightenment of education of cadres in Shandong.
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