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Research On The Supervisory Of The Government’s Low-carbon Management

Posted on:2014-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428966652Subject:Administrative Management
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Recently, china has gained the success attract worldwide attention with theeconomic development. However, some problems occur with the economicdevelopment such as high energy consumption, big resources waste andenvironmental contamination. The government has great responsibility and potentialto practice strict economy because government is the organizer andmanager of thesociety and a lot of social resources are in the hands of government. But the results ofthe sample survey of the condition of our government’ energy consumption revealsthat the government has high energy consumption, low efficiency and high cost,which has stunted the development of economy and society and hurt the government’simage badly. With this background, superintendence of low-carbon management of thegovernment must be enforced.With the study of the definition of government’s low-carbon management, thegovernment’ low-carbon management refers to that the government takes a series ofmanagement methods and low-carbon technology to reduce the energy consumptionand greenhouse gases emissions in the process of administration.The centralgovernment and local government of China has taken measures in terms of makingpolicies and regulations, setting up a work party, establishing a mechanism ofconserving energy and reducing emissions and carrying out environmental publicityand education. In this way, the superintendence of government’ low-carbonmanagement goes on smoothly and has good results. But in some place there are someproblems which represent lack of force, inadequate joint-effort and low abilitybecause of inadequate regulations and laws and incentive and restraint mechanism andsocial superintendence and low personal quality and single supervision approach andthe lag of methods.It is necessary for the government to take measures to establish the supervisionmechanism of government’s low-carbon management by learning from other countriesto enhance the policies and laws and set up energy-saving organization and developenergy-saving and online monitoring technology and enforce education and trainingand taking the domestic actual conditions into consideration. To further improve thelaw system of the low-carbon management; to establish the incentive and restraintmechanism for the subject of supervision; to carry out environmental publicity andeducation to improve the personal quality; to enhance the social supervision; to improve the level of scientific supervision method of low-carbon management toensure the effectiveness and scientificalness of the supervision.
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