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The Helpless Election

Posted on:2015-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Gao village is a traditional village, the poor villagers often busy living and has no intention of democracy. In this village, the history of the democracy nearly20years, democracy consciousness still failed to ground the villager’s daily life. Gao village lack of resources, so all previous village officials tried to lead the villagers to get rich, but they failed, the villagers still worry about living.The villager committees of the People’s Republic of China had promulgated in1998,it has been more than20years, but people’s evaluation to democratic election has been quite mixed. This paper attempts to the Gao village, the village committee election process of the deep aim, adopt the method of "story" about the high village committee election process, from this election found the village’s political operation process, the process of villagers’ attitude and reaction mechanism of the elite, as well as the practice of village cadres and the ordinary villagers form. Rural governance model and the change of political environment, village makes the village committee election changed participation mechanism, based on the research of the election event can reflect the current state of the national most rural election, provide enlightenment for the development of governance. The author believes that only ensure the survival, the conditions of democracy can be develop, obtain benefits from the election, participate in democracy can have an incentive; have some resources, to have enthusiasm to sustain democracy. That mean, democracy is really into the daily life of the peasants, and accordance, the immediate interests of the farmers to achieve the real villagers’autonomyThis paper is divided into five chapters:The first chapter the paper selected topic reason and the significance, the research status at home and abroad, research perspectives and methods, as well as the basic information of the case village.The second chapter tells about the preparation before election:set up the election committee, election publicity, nomination.The third chapter tells the official election process, given priority to with the expression of election ordinary villagers.The fourth chapter tells about the outcome of the election and petitions and scuffles broke out after the election.The fifth chapter is this article conclusion and thinking.
Keywords/Search Tags:The village committee election, Democracy, Political attitude, Interest, Resources
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