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The Rise Of Thevillage: The Perspective Of Elite

Posted on:2015-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428968414Subject:Agricultural extension
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Writer use sample Wagou village of hubei province as subject in this article,use the social life changes in the past fifteen years of the village as the research object, find the successful cases of mining rural elite in the process of new rural construction through combing the development of15years change. In the past fifteen years, the social stratification of Wagou village became evident,there are various types of elite groups in the village,that plays a different role in different periods in the trench village developmentFollow the chronological order,this acticlethere use three stages to describe the development process of the village in fifteen years,which are peep,grow up and rise,describe the effect of three stages village elite in different periods,that includ political elites, economic elites and social elites,and then discusses the positive effects and negative effects of the rural elite in rural social development This acticle considers that, can promote the development of village democracy and public affairs, also can change the power structure of the village,and maintenance social order of the village.At the same time,elite rural governance also brought some negative influence, including increase the cost of power operation after elite governance the village, and fault phenomena of the elite also hinders the healthy development of the rural social economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural elite, rural development, elite rural governance, impact
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