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Research Of Insurance System Of Organs And Institutions Of Social

Posted on:2015-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After half a century of social insurance system since its establishment in the1950s, although several changes, their stage of development can be divided into "traditional system " phase and adjust phase of reform. The government introduced the "People’s Republic of China Social Insurance Law," in2010which clearly stateregulations that establish the basic pension insurance, basic medical insurance, workinjury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance and other socialinsurance system to protect citizens in old age, illness, injury, unemployment, fertility,etc. under which to obtain material assistance from the state and social rights.And so far, China has not yet unified the insurance system in organs andinstitutions. The social has been implemented in some areas is to pay insurance system,which is still practiced in some places is swept financial system; what’s more somejobs or insurance policy is implemented gold payment system, while some positions stillenjoying the high public health. To face of social and economic transition, agencies,institutions urgently needed reform of the social insurance system. As the authorities,institutions of social insurance system is an important part of the social insurancesystem, its research can not only solve the current problems but also to enrich the studyof actual social insurance system.Based on the relevant theoretical understanding of the social insurance system andintroduction, the full text of theoretical is supported in theory. After detailing ourbodies, history and institutions of social insurance system, to grasp the context of itsdevelopment, the status quo of China’s authorities, institutions of social insurancesystem are described, and its causes are analyzed. It is not only a historical problem,but there are also related to the legal system which is not perfect, unit restructuringsocial insurance system is not synchronized with its reform and other reasons, therelevant units of knowledge workers is relatively backward, hinder the advance of thisreform. At the same time, this article attempts to introduce foreign public employeesocial security measures to learn from their advanced experience, and on this basisproposes to deepen the organs, institutions reform measures of the social insurancesystem.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agencies&Institutions Social Insurance System, Pension Insurance, Medical Insurance, Unemployment Insurance
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