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Plaintiff Qualification Of Administrative Public Interest Litigation Industry Association

Posted on:2015-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of China’s market economy, all walks of life for the industry to maximize the pursuit of their own interests in the process, as the government, enterprises outside the’third sector’ that industry associations are endless. The role of industry associations in the maintenance of the public interest aspects of this industry increasingly prominent importance. However, in the face of government violations of the public interest of the industry behavior but seem weak. In an awkward state in the administrative proceedings, therefore, had to trade association in the administrative proceedings to re-locate.I believe that in order to give industry associations Administrative Public Interest Litigation in solving industry associations in public administrative proceedings in this awkward position is particularly important.This paper describes the scientific definition of trade associations, public administrative proceedings and administrative public interest litigation plaintiff qualification, under the theory based on the premise, in-depth analysis of the industry association instituted public administrative proceedings for the legal protection of necessity and urgency, after I carefully rigorous thinking and ideas, see the relevant monographs, and use of the network for public interest litigation practical index, learn more about the research results at home and abroad. And the use of analysis and comparison method, given our trade association for administrative reference filed public interest litigation. Through analysis of specific cases, made public administrative proceedings instituted in our industry associations barriers, thereby conferred on the necessity and feasibility Industry Association of Administrative Public Interest Litigation for analysis. Finally, based on the analysis of the aforementioned problems, the author of industry associations on public administrative proceedings instituted safeguards a comprehensive exposition, as well as administrative public interest litigation plaintiff qualification necessary to restrict trade associations outline, building industry associations administrative feasibility Public Interest Litigation plaintiff qualification system.
Keywords/Search Tags:industry associations, administrative public interestlitigation, plaintiff qualification
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