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Research On Criminal Liability Of Successive Joint Crime

Posted on:2015-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330431951885Subject:Criminal Law
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A joint crime is an intentional crime committed by two or more persons jointly, with complex social diversity development, common crime form also continues to diversity and complexity, which is the first action part after the crime, behavior after the people involved in the first act of crime in the special form, namely, inherits accomplice. This form It is often seen, in judicial practice, but few in-depth academic research in China’s criminal law, which leads to the lack of the theory and the theory of reserve shortage, but also to the judicial practice difficult situation caused by the lack of theoretical guidance. So it is necessary to undertake the criminal responsibility of successive joint crime law research, in order to further enrich our joint crime theory, and guide the practice, in order to solve the judicial practice inherit accomplice problem of conviction and sentencing.In this paper, literature research and comparative study. Through the commitment of foreign inheritance criminal accomplice theory analysis, elaboration and argumentation from the following sections:Part I:the overview of successive joint crime. This part mainly expounds the connotation, characteristic, inherits accomplice and classification, make a systematic discussion on successive joint crime, so as to separate successive joint crime from the general joint crime, and accurate grasp of what form of common crime to inherit accomplice.Part Ⅱ:The theoretical basis of successive joint crime. This part mainly based on the theory of common crime entry, describes the essence of joint crime and its punishment basis, establish the theoretical basis of the criminal liability of successive joint crime.Part III:The criminal liability of successive joint crime. This part mainly through the analysis of different theories assume inherit accomplice criminal liability at home and abroad, and finally puts forward successive accomplice of basic principles of criminal responsibility, joint principal offender and successive and discusses in detail the successive help specific criminal offenders bear..Part IV:Common types of crime in the criminal complicity of inheritance. This part of the commitment under the basic principles of criminal complicity inheritance guidelines discussed in detail several common crime problems inherited accomplice bear criminal responsibility.
Keywords/Search Tags:Inherited accomplice, Successive accomplice perpetrator, Successive aid, Criminal responsibility
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