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Analysis Of Typical Cases Of Civil Public Interest Litigation

Posted on:2015-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of economy,new kinds of social contradictions haveemerged,such as environmental pollution,consumer infringement,food safety and theinterests of groups in society are infringed,such kind of problems emerge in endlesssteam.At the moment the public are eager to protect the public interests.Then the publicinterest litigation is from theory to practice.The revision of the civil procedure hasestablished the public interest litigation system.I survey the organs and tissue of twokind of main body of the Civil Procedure Law from the point of view of civil publicinterest litigation plaintiff.This paper adopts the method of case study,dataanalysis,historical analysis,induction analysis and empirical analysis on the civil publicinterest litigation in our country to explain the problem of qualificationcomprehensively.This paper contains five parts.The first one is that the oil spill case offull text derivation to demonstrate a few problems.The second part,I mainly expoundson the basic theory of civil public interest litigation.The next three parts focus on theproblem that the procuratorial organ、administrative organ and social group are due tobe the plaintiffs of the public interest litigation in the law.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public interest litigation, Eligible for the plaintiff, Procuratorial organ, Administrative organ, Social group
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