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The Life Experience Of Immigrant Workers’ Children When They Communicate With Their Teachers

Posted on:2013-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330374467359Subject:Principles of Education
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By the development of economic and the accelerating of urbanization, more and more peasantry enters into city for working. Lots of their children also enter into, and they go to school in city. This research will focus on the situation and the influencing factors on the immigrant workers’children’s life experience when they communicate with their teachers, and then discuss the problem and solution in education about them.The author will take the K Public Primary School in Changning Area in Shanghai as an example. The first chapter will give the meaning of the immigrant workers’children’s life experience, which contains their experience on teachers’ impression and being educated by teachers, and which is very important for children and school.The research shows that, there are three features in the life experience of immigrant workers’children when they communicate with their teachers. The first one is that children can understand teacher’s work, even teacher’s tiny attention can touch them, and this is the basis and precondition of the production of their life experience. Secondly, the immigrant workers’children agree with their teachers’help. They support their teachers not only because they teach them for knowledge, but also help them in their psychological development. The third one is that immigrant workers’children’s life experience is very positive. Lots of them are fond of teachers, be happy when they contact with teachers, and agree with that teachers have no prejudice to them and concern them very much and they have deep feelings with each other.There are also several problems in their life experience. The first one is that immigrant workers’children and teachers have different life experience. Students’are positive but teachers suggest that there are a lot of problems with these immigrant workers’children. The second one is that this life experience more came from collective life; few students mentioned life experience from personal contacting with their teachers. The third one is that the value of this life experience has not been used for school, that is to say, school and teachers ignore the value and resources of it. By analysis, we can found that the life experience is affected by these factors. One is individual factors of immigrant workers’children themselves, such as their sex, age, experience, character, and academic score and so on. Specifically, girls’life experience is more positive, older children suppose that teachers are more impartial; not only lively but also quiet children like teacher deeply, some students whose study is bad are not like teachers very much, the period they live in Shanghai has some effect but not very clear. The second one is family factor, such as their family economic and education conditions. Specifically, children who believe their family economic condition good and parents are concerned about their education have more positive life experience. The third one is school and teacher factor. That is to say, the idea and type of school, the modality and attainment of teachers affect their life experience. The fourth one is nation and society factor. It means the understanding and attitude of the society and city they moved to, the policy of them affect their life experience.There are several problems in the education of immigrant workers’children for teachers. Firstly, teachers can not acquaint them correctly. Secondly, the contact between teachers and immigrant workers’children is superficial. Thirdly, teachers can not deal with "problem students" very well. Lastly, teachers cannot make full use of the value of teacher-student interaction.In the end, considering of the factors of this life experience, the author gives some suggestions for teachers. The author confirms that teachers should acquaint immigrant workers’children correctly, strengthen the cooperation with immigrant workers, and improve their education skills.
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