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Research On School Support Strategy For Plataeued Teacher’s Career Development

Posted on:2013-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330374467492Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Teacher is subject to experience career plateau. Teacher’s work status is closely related to students’development. Teacher career plateau may cause negative career psychology, such as professional commitment to waver, professional emotional atrophy, occupational role ambiguity and so on. It not only affect teacher’s career development, but also affect student’s grow up and development. However, as teachers’ work place, the school tend to only pay attention to the student’s development, but neglect the teacher’s career development. Adopting blunt management method instead of support and help, leads to that teacher is not able to come out of the career plateau on their own and keep staying on the plateau until his/her retirement. This research studies the cause of teacher career plateau, and raises the school support strategy and application condition on the base of the study of current support condition and the problem existed in X School.Based on the documents, this thesis firstly combs the cause of career plateau, mainly including organization, job content and individual, three kinds of factors. Then studies the case of X School, analyzing the current support condition and problem existed, such as the lack of support concept, the problem of its current evaluation standard and motivation methodology and so on. To solve those problems, the writer raises support strategies such as forming supportive concept, establishing two-way commitment, change of the way of management, application of the technology of career development and so on. Lastly, this thesis discusses the organization carrier and indemnification of three main respects-mind, organization and technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:plateau, teacher career development, school support strategy
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