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Hunan Development Training The Social Value Of The Research

Posted on:2013-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Expand training, English name is Outward Bound, originated in the two World War british. It means a boat left the harbour, proceed without hesitation to unknown journey, and go to meet a challenge, overcome difficulties one by one. Expand training from now to have, development is only seventy years, but along with the time progress, this unique advanced training mode is accepted by more and more countries that, people the world over are welcome, people are actively committed to the project of training.This paper combs the development training contents and ideas, finishing its connotation, and from the elite talent, teamwork, social economy and natural environment of the four angle using the method of literature, questionnaire, mathematical statistics, logic analysis and expert interview to Hunan province to expand the training of social value research. Study found that:(1) expanding training contributes to the social elite talent cultivation;(2) training is a kind of challenge, it challenges the team and the strength, after the challenge, team members can be more personal experience the importance of team, realize the1+1of more than2social value;(3) training to expand economy value, which can promote the social economic development;(4) training can make people into the natural, enhance the awareness of environmental protection, low carbon life. Through the above analysis, expand training for the social elite talents with good way, but also promoted the exchanges between the students, melting team, at the same time can bring good economic benefits, promoting the social economic development, and also let people close contact with nature, so as to enhance the understanding of the nature, to achieve environmental protection and low carbon, it is the social value of a benign guide social development, but also a valuable wealthThe main purpose of this study is to investigate the development training function and social value, make people aware of social development training the good influence, to further expand training on how to develop, promote the development of the society and the sustainable development, provide certain theoretical and practical reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:development training, Elite talents, Team power, Economicdevelopment, Environment protection, Social value
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