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Ren Xu Educational System’s Foundation, Forming And Practice

Posted on:2013-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the Xinhai Revolution, the republican system had been nearly formed. The Beijing Government maintained a form of democratic republic through the frequent wars. From the aspect of education, under the guidance of the thought of separation of powers, the legislative powers of education was subordinated to Congress in the beginning. When Congress nominally, as the channels of non-government education sector, the national education federation(referred to as the "NEF") undertook the responsibility of the education legislation. The education achieved in the way of "bottom-up" when the non-governmental education sectors participated in Ren Xu educational system embodied the characteristics of china. Through the analysis of Ren Xu educational system’s formation, launch and practice, the paper tries to reveal the unique characteristics of the combination of Western democratic and Chinese traditional culture.Chapter1shows the background of Ren Xu educational system. On the one hand, it depicts the efforts of Cai Yuanpei under the auspices of the Ministry of Education in the early foundation of "bottom-up". On the other, it shows the complex motion of Hunan province educational bill.Chapter2shows the competition between the Ministry of Education, as the representative of the Central Authorities, and the "NEF", as the representative of the local. The hot topic was school system. Ultimately, in the eighth annual meeting of the "NEF", the "NEF" got the power of the legislative in educational field and submitted Ren Xu educational system.Chapter3demonstrates the practice of Ren Xu educational system in the background of warlords. Although the "bottom-up" approached to the formation of a national school system, the central couldn’t carry out the school system. Finally, the warlords and the local education became the main force to implement Ren Xu educational system, appearing huge differences around the country.Chapter4points out some problems of China that we may encounter during the educational democratic reform process on the basis of comprehensive reflection, in order to provide warning on the current and the future reforms.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ren Xu educational system, the Beijing Government, bottom-up, sinicization, the National Education Federation
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