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Study Of Middle School Chinese Textbooks Works By Lu Xun Adjustment Phenomenon In The New Century

Posted on:2014-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the ringing of the bell in the new century, our country has undergoneenormous changes in terms of politics, economy, culture and social life. Especiallywhen the wheels of history into the ninety’s, as the influx of Western literary trends,the intervention of network information dissemination and the changing of people’svalues, which make the change in the literary aspects become more remarkable. Andin these changes, the influence of postmodernism is the most widely. Mapping andpermeating in such Cultural Trends, the whole social outlook and cultural context areall shrouded in the post-modern touches. With no theme, anti-authority, easy to copy,deconstructing all and other features, to expand and diffuse into every corner of theworld. Now we deeply feel the elite culture and mainstream literature are far awayfrom us and increasingly marginalized, they are replaced by mass culture, networkliterature and other fast-food cultures, and such cultures are rapid rise just like thebamboo shoots after spring rain, and become the rising star in the literary world, andthey gradually adapt to the people’s diversified and the aesthetic interest and receivingpsychological of in the fast-paced era. In the face of anxiety and the crisis of literaryclassics in the contemporary, academics, some teachers and students constantlyspeech, called for the reconstruction of social elite culture, review classical literature,let the "pure literature" is still based on its ’’immortal ’’position, and get the erainterpretation and acceptance of the new century again.With the "national soul" reputation, after the screening and precipitation of morethan half a century, now Lu Xun still has great space of interpretation and acceptance,and he has been the object of study and one of the hot spot, which makes a largenumber of "Lu learning" researchers and enthusiasts. The development of modernChinese literature, Lu Xun spirit and classic literature heritage has a great andprofound influence. He abandoned medicine from the text choice, let more in tranceChinese people began to wake up, and gradually to seek and explore the road ofsalvaging the country. His criticism and transformation of national character and theenlightenment and education of us, is always sharp and profound. Lu Xun’s article asan era literature projection of political, cultural, social style in, with its profound immortal literary charm and connotation in the literature and history of literatureoccupies an important position, and become a literary classic. He works through thereading and interpretation of different times of scholars, researchers, the public aswell as the teachers and students, the images in the articles also show different style ofthe times. This is the evolution of the aesthetic idea and people’s value concept in thediversified era. And these changes also reflected in the Chinese textbooks in middleschools. Since the new century, along with the transition from exam-orientededucation to quality-oriented education, and the reform of middle school Chinesetextbooks and the implementation of new curriculum standard, Lu Xun’s articles havebeen adjusted and placed to the various middle school Chinese textbook versions,especially in the people’s education press (hereinafter referred to as person teachingedition), which representative the authority of national ideology, the most widelyused all over the country, such kind of adjust are the most prominent. It is understood,junior high school Chinese Textbooks of person teaching edition selected7articlesof Lu Xun, the changes are very small, but the high school Chinese textbooks afteradjustment to retain only the "memory of Liu Hezhen","blessing", and "take-ism"just3articles. This change has aroused hot discussion and attention, caused peopleto question the Cross-Times of classical. Facing such changes, the academic circlesand the whole society is showing two voices: a kind of viewpoint thinks, Lu Xun asthe dashiell in the history of modern Chinese literature, his works are the classicamong classics, and should not be the target to be adjusted. This view reflects thevalue and significance of Lu Xun’s spirit of the times. Another view was that, LuXun’s works have deep implied meaning, but his words half classical Chinese and halfvernacular, have large distance from our era context and it seems to be misfits, so thatit should be abolished. Regarding to the adjusts of Lu Xun’s works in the currentmiddle school Chinese textbook, and the heated online debate caused by this question,the paper mainly studied this kind of cultural phenomenon on the end of the century.First of all, history review and sort out the included condition of Lu Xun’s articles inthe middle school Chinese textbooks. Mainly from the eighty years to the new century,which closest to our life, with the concept reference, and the heated online debatedynamic after the revision, to have whole grasp. Secondly, based on the context of popular culture on postmodern, analyze the works of Lu Xun and adjustment of thesubjective and objective reasons. Once again, the face of Lu Xun’s works "leave" and"stay", from the perspective of reception aesthetics, expounds the present situation ofthe teaching of Lu Xun’s works acceptance. Finally, with the changes of the times andthe development of people’s concept of value, in order to derive offbeat topics of theteaching of Lu Xun’s works. For these we can revert a real image of Lu Xun andwhich close to our life, and make the classical literature in the contemporary canobtain the interpretation and acceptance of space, so that students can enter Lu Xun,revisit the classic and put Lu Xun’s spirit and ideological passed along fromgeneration to generation.
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