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Study Of Social Work Intervention In College Students Interaction Obstacle

Posted on:2014-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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College is one important period in life which psychology contradiction and conflict is drastic, such as, loneliness, low self esteem, sense of belonging, friendship, love etc.. These emotional experience and affection need interweave together, students must adjust themselves continuously to psychology contradiction and conflict. On one hand, college students should keep pace with the teacher in class, master professional knowledge and learning experience and exercise their courage and eloquence from the active interaction with teachers and other students. On the other hand, college students should know the important of interaction outside the class and accomplish interpersonal interaction with ease, which can gain confidence for them and make them go well in future career and life. While, for many reasons, some college students are not willing to make an active interaction or are very nervous and at a loss in class and daily communication because of fewer practice. These obstacles make them hard to achieve a good effect in the interaction and have a considerable influence to establish and hold up interpersonal relationship and also to their confidence and mentality.Based on this, the study mainly do the following three aspects on the issue of college students interaction problems:firstly, make a survey on college students’daily life and the classroom interaction, to describe the current situation and performance of college students interactive obstacle; Secondly, analyze the causes of college students interactive obstacle; Finally, explore the feasible strategy to promote positive interaction in students from the perspective of professional social work.Look at the researches on interpersonal interaction problems before, they are mainly from the psychology perspective and take the psychological counseling method priority. While, I think it is more operable and more prominent in effect from the perspective of professional social work and approach on this issue. Social work thinks that the Client’s problem essence lies at the imbalance of the social environment, emphasizes the interaction analysis of the client and the social environment, and aims to make an adjustment between the Client and the social environment surrounding which is the way to solve the Client’s problem. Therefore, develop the individual case intervenient work among interactive obstacle students; apply the theory of relations between human behavior and social environment, start with the Client’s self-recognition and the original family the two aspects, so as to solve problems of troubled family member on the basis of remodeling family. With the help of the work platform for college students, track for service, offer guidance and help timely for the Client in daily class and interactive life circumstance, the Client will get practice in interactive abilities and skills unconsciously in a comfort and pleasant way. In this process, the social support resource of the Client will be redeployed in a large quantity to offer help for the Client.In short, this study attempts to involve in the individual case from the perspective of professional school social work, pay attention to details carefully in practice, dig out the reasons of students interactive obstacle behind, summarize rules, build linkage mechanism among schools, students, parents, community, and social to explore a more effective improvement strategy. What the interactive obstacle suffering students urgently need is the cultivation of motive interaction and the training of interactive skills and ability. Only rely on the traditional methods and sermons cannot work, students suffering need real training and cultivation, which can be done by school social work; this article just want to illustrate through the analysis study of individual case.
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