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Localization Studies Of College Students’Religious Experience

Posted on:2014-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401474422Subject:Developmental and Educational Psychology
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Religion is a bright, indelible human culture and psychology carry out the study of religion from a psychological perspective which created the Religious Psychology. The last century American psychologist William James first proposed the concept of religious experience that turned on a new vision and ideas of the religious psychology. More than a century, the study of religious experience has made a great progress in abroad but domestic really rarely studied in this area.Undergraduate students were chosen as the object of this study. Compiled a semi-structured interview outline of the undergraduates’ religious experience with reference to a number of domestic and foreign religious experience literatures and based on this questionnaire35college students were interviewed. Professional qualitative analysis software NVivo8were used for data processing and then established a theoretical model of the religious experience of college students. According to the theoretical model of qualitative analysis a good reliability and validity questionnaire of undergraduates’ religious experience were prepared. Using this questionnaire the current situation of college students’ religious experience were invested and analyzed. The main results present as follows:(1) According to the qualitative analysis of students’ frequent religious experience is divided into18free nodes which can be incorporated into the five tree nodes and they respectively are the gods worship experience, the ancestors of the soul worship experience, transcendent force, the select good thinking and beyond the mystical experience.(2) Prepared the college students’ religious experience questionnaire through the project analysis, confirmatory factor analysis and finally got four formal questionnaire latitudes which are consistent with the qualitative analysis. The transcendent force node of qualitative analysis was eventually deleted.(3) There are22items in this questionnaire which including the gods worship experience, the ancestor of the soul worship experience, the select good thinking and beyond the mystical experience and the questionnaire have an ideal reliability and validity.(4) College students do have religious experience, but overall level of religious experience is low.(5) Religious experience of undergraduates has significantly differences in gender, the home location, profession, grade, whether only son demographic variables.
Keywords/Search Tags:religious psychology, religious experience, qualitative research, questionnaire construction
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