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Xiangxi District Students’ Physical Exercise And Subjective Happiness

Posted on:2014-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of society and progress," subjective well-being "become social attention task in2011, the NPC and CPPCC," happiness " has becomeone of the fastest rising hot words. Affect people’s subjective sense of happiness ofmany factors, physical exercise is also one of the factors that influence the subjectivewell-being. Physical exercise is the ordinary university students an important part of life,with social progress and development, college students encounter more and morecompetition and challenges. Pay close attention to college students’ physical exerciseand subjective well-being of college students problems, physical exercise, enhancedphysique of college students, to improve the students’ physical and mental health, it isurgent, this study in order to understand the Xiangxi District college students physicalexercise and subjective well-being status and their relationship with literature researchmethod, expert interview, questionnaire investigation method, assessment method,mathematical statistics, comparative analysis, logic analysis, in accordance with thestratified sampling method of combining at the Jishou University, Huaihua University,Zhangjiajie School of Jishou University area randomly selected out of614collegestudents, on physical exercise and subjective sense of happiness and the status of therelationship between the two investigation and analysis, the result is as follows:1ordinary universities in Xiangxi to participate in physical exercise boys situationmainly intensity, time for more than60minutes, exercise times for3~5times a week,the project for basketball and badminton, running the main; Female studentsparticipating in physical exercise situation with small strength, the time for21~30minutes, exercise times for1~2times a week, the project for badminton, running,aerobics mainly. The boys a relatively long time exercise, frequency, intensity and largeamount of exercise;2general situation of hunan normal university students’ subjective well-being inaddition to concerns about health dimension scores was slightly lower than its averageof8points, satisfaction of life and interest, effort, sad or happy mood, the emotion andbehavior control, relaxation and tension index score of five dimensions are higher thantheir respective scale score, that xiangxi subjective well-being of college students incommon colleges and universities generally at a higher level3. Hunan college students’ overall situation of subjective well-being of boys scorehigher than the norm, and appeared significant difference (p <0.05), girls scored higherthan the norm, and led to very significant difference (p <0.01).4. Hunan normal university students’ subjective well-being: boys than girls in thesex; Lower grade higher than senior grade; Liberal arts than science discipline; Isslightly higher than rural students city lying on the ground of subjective well-being;5. Different exercise project and each factor score of subjective well-being in skill scores highest leading class project; Different exercise intensity in low intensityexercise highest score; With the highest score of11-20minutes time,2-3times a monthof exercise frequency and subjective well-being scores the highest.Therefore schools should strengthen the school sports work, improve the students’sports interest, for more suitable for girls to participate in fitness project, in order toweaken the students love and sex differences in the degree of participation of exercise,in order to make students can all-round development of physical training, the schoolshould be the appropriate construction of sports venues, sports equipment, and theintroduction of professional teachers to cultivate students a variety of sports interest, inthe school every year regularly in policy assessment of students’ physique, withinspection standards restrain students, with the inspection standards for the purpose ofdriving the students actively take part in physical exercise.
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