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A Research On The Players Foul Characteristics Of Under-18Female Football Games During The Final Stage Of The12th National Games

Posted on:2015-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422467980Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The athletes who participated in the finals of under-18female football games inthe12th national represent the highest level at their age among female football players.By studying the features of their fouls in the game and comparing them with theprofessional female football players or those who attended the fifth women’s WorldCup, we can not only figure out the characteristics in their fouls, but also, to someextent, find out their understanding of the rules both mentally and physically, as wellas the lack in experiences in games and the differences with players at higher levels.In this paper, by using the methods of video observation, mathematical statistics,literature and logic analysis, the statistical analysis on team whose characteristic offouls in19games for the8teams in finals of U-18women’s the National Gamesshowed that:(1) The score status is an important factor affecting the athletes’ fouls in the finalstage of this national under-18women’s football game. Compared with the occupationfemale football teams and the World Cup female football teams, the number of ourcountry young women’s fouls is lower.(2) The number of fouls of every team who attended the final stage of thisnational under-18women’s football game in the game’s different time shows differentfeatures. Compared with the occupation female football teams and the World Cup offemale football teams, the number of fouls of our country’s under-18women’sfootball teams in the game’s different time that accounts for the proportion in the totalnumber of fouls are both similarities and differences.(3) The highest number of fouls of those female football players under18whoattended finals of this national games occurred in the midfield area.This kind offeature is the same as the occupation female football teams and the World Cup ofwomen’s football teams. (4) The fouls that occurred in the final stage of this under-18women’s footballnational games include pushing people, kicking, shovel, collision, stumble and pullsix main types. Compared with the World Cup of women’s football teams, the typesof fouls not only have the same point but also have differences.(5) The foul part of those female football players under-18who attended finalstage of this national game showed the feature that the number of the upper limb foulsis more than the lower limb fouls, which is the same with the occupation femalefootball teams and the World Cup female football teams.(6) The average number of yellow cards per game that those female football teamsunder-18who attended final stage of this national game are similar. The averagenumber of offside per game in the group matches and the ranking matches are alsosimilar, but the number of the fifth to eighth team’s offside are more obviously thanthe number of the top four teams. Compared with the female football teams in theWorld Cup, our country’s youth women’s football games have lower the averagenumber of yellow cards and offside per game.Through the study in features of the fouls made by those female football playersunder18who attended finals of the12th national games, the recommendations are asfollows:(1) It is recommended to strengthen the defensive technique training, so that theplayers can master the correct defensive technology, improve the technical andtactical ability of personal and the whole team, avoid the referees’ penalty because ofthe wrong action, even appear red, yellow card.(2) To strengthen the physical training of the athlete, players should maintainstamina in90minutes of the game, avoid fierce competition down due to physicaldecline in the final stage, and can not change the game state.(3) To strengthen the psychological intervention on the athletes, to be moreaccurate and targeted on the psychological training, avoid the psychological problems of the young athletes because that the score gap is larger, resulting in irritable moodand foul, even appear red, yellow card.(4) Increasing of the game experience of Chinese young women football players,so that they can better read the game process, to avoid unnecessary fouls appearing.(5) Athletes should better understand the rules, in order to apply the rulesreasonably and more favorably in the game.
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