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Research On Development And Strategy Of Youth Family Sports

Posted on:2014-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The family sports as an integral part of the national fitness, it plays a promotingrole in people’s healthy happy life, especially for the physical healthy of teenagershave been declining has positive value and significance. With the opinion ofstrengthening sports exercise and enhancing the health of youngster "(found [2007] no.7) release, as well as bureau chief of the National Sports Council Liu Peng heldstrengthen youth sports enhance the youngster health video and telephone conferenceof the speech. Emphasis on family education respectively to enhance youth sports andhealth plays a key role. The family support to the child to participate in sports andphysical health is the basic guarantee, great efforts should be made to establishcampus and school, family and community linked youth sports organization networkand competition activity system, strengthen availabilities for school, family andcommunity sports union, continuous reform and innovation youth sports content andorganization form. Reflect the national policy began to teenagers family sports valuedegree increasing, however, and in June,2012, the China urban children’s outdooractivities blue book "display: outdoor activities are disappearing! Children’s outdooractivities with the time and frequency is reduced, watching TV, playing computergames have become the first choice of children after school time, write operation,such as the remedial class static activities occupy more and more time, outdooractivities, low quality. New discovery caused experts and parents close attention,disguised to become teenagers family sports activities of the miniature. Therefore,teenagers family sports is a need for profound problem discussed in this paper.Through the aimed at young family sports development situation of the research andanalysis, and then carried out for solving a series problems of the development offamily sports. Put forward the countermeasures of youth family sports sustainabledevelopment of practical value.Firstly, the study used the method of literature, to research the background andsome basic theoretical knowledge, then analyze youth family sports related concepts.For further research work make the foundation. Secondly, a questionnaire survey about the Tianjin youth family sports were investigated. The basis of the system onthe youth of the family sports development situation. Finally, using the mathematicalstatistics and logic analysis method to analyzed the related data, sums up thecomprehensive arrangement for youth family sports problems. At the same time,analyze the teenagers’ expectations to parents and family sports.The study shows that, Chinese youth family sports now with the followingquestions: the first, the teenager lack of family sports exercise. The second, parentsdon’t understand, don’t pay attention to the situation. For example, parents do not takethe children to take part in all kinds of sports activities, they think literacy class wasmore important than physical education, thus internalized the children’s sportsinformation, some parents even think children sports is the school’s responsibility andobligation. The third, few of parents support accompanied children take part inphysical activities. The fourth, youth family sports in our country has not been formedclimate. To these problems, the author puts forward the following suggestions: first,government called for launch and participate youth family sports. Second, advocatespontaneous establish teenagers family sports organizations. Third, develop the newform of youth family parent-child activities. Fourth, utilize economic consumption tostimulate family sports development.
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