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Research On Gansu Province Adolescent Distance Runners Reserve Talents Present Situation Investigation

Posted on:2014-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422959875Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Middle and Long Distance project has a long history as one of the highland provincesof Gansu Province, and has a unique advantage of the unique geographical environment onthe development of middle and long distance movement. Gansu sports industry has beendeveloping rapidly since Reform and Opening, the middle-distance project has achievedgood results in various competitions in the country to have a certain amount of competitivestrength. and other advanced province, compared to the level of city’s middle and longdistance movement, especially in recent years, Gansu Province, the middle-distance sportsteams overall competitive strength was lagging behind, sports results, obtained mainly relyon old players, the fault phenomena is very serious, the severe shortages of reserve talentpool so we are fully aware of the need to strengthen the reserves of talent to solve theproblem of Gansu Province plaguing the Middle and Long Distance sustainabledevelopment of the project. In-depth investigation of the status of the reserve talents ofGansu Province, Medium Distance, for the existence of the problem, explore some culturescountermeasures and suggestions.Middle and Long Distance reserve talents of Gansu Province Youth study, the use ofliterature, questionnaire, interview and mathematical statistics, logical analysis of GansuProvince, Medium Distance Training of Sportsmen research, analysis of the presence of theproblem, and bring out suggestions and countermeasures. The results show those: MediumDistance Gansu Province (1) reserve training base is too small, mainly distributed inLanzhou, the scheduled West, Qing yang, Ping liang, silver and cities, most cities do nothave a middle-distance training base in recent years, there are some counties amateurSports School class has been revoked, makes of Gansu Province adolescent middle-distancedelivery of reserve talents in a relatively low level. Gansu Province (2) adolescentmiddle-distance coaches mainly to their own experiences in the selection, supplemented bya variety of standard tests, the selection is too simple, a certain lack of scientific nature.(3)Medium Distance reserve talents of Gansu Province an annual competition number of small,low competition level, the vast majority of athletes to participate in the game up formunicipal and county-level competition, less Gansu Province, targeting youngmiddle-distance events organized, greatly limit opportunities for middle and long distanceathletes participating, directly affect the development of the middle and long distance.Gansu Province (4) Medium Distance reserve talents lack of students, and the declining number of Middle and Long Distance Runners participating in the training, the mostgrassroots coaches generally reflect Admissions difficult.(5) in Gansu Province YouthMiddle and Long Distance Reserve Personnel Training scarce funding resources, narrowfinancing channels.In view of the above problems, put forward to the following countermeasures:(1)increase the grassroots level middle-distance training points, strengthen explore andcultivate talent in the remote counties of Gansu Province, middle and long distance.(2)strengthen the excellent seedling recruit and train more scientific selection methods, GansuProvince should establish the Plateau Talent Development Program training points andoutlets schools so that the Gansu Province adolescent middle-distance reserve personnelselection, training, culture, conveying a more scientific and standardized.(3) Agencies andorganizations Gansu Province plan to engage in more game of some middle-distanceprojects, to increase opportunities for adolescent middle-distance athletes, so as to achievethe game instead of training mode.(4) The way out of the reserve personnel, export decidedimports, there is no way out will not be able to attract the majority of young people inmiddle and long distance training. Gansu Province should establish and improve acompetitive sports career characteristics consistent training system protection, so as torelieve the worries of athletes, thus completely into the training and competition.(5)Education authorities and school leaders give strong support of Gansu Province, MediumDistance Training candidates for the development of reasonable continuity ofpolicy-oriented specification talent gradient construction, reasonable to put the gamefunding to strengthen the training of athletes in the school cultural lesson learningmanagement policies favorable terms, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the grassroots coaches.(6) The propaganda work to the significance and prospects for the development of socialawareness training for middle and long distance network, advertising, media and othermeans of publicity, publicity Elite Middle Distance Runner in Gansu Province, and to set anexample to force to expand its influence to improve social attention from all walks of lifeon the reserve talents of Gansu Province Youth Middle and Long Distance, it provides awide range of support for the development of back-up personnel training of MediumDistance, Gansu Province.
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