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Application Of "Three Steps Method" In The Moral Lesson In Junior High School

Posted on:2014-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This response to advocate the requirements of the new curriculum reform,mainly from the aspects of theory and practice the moral lesson in junior middleschool is an effective teaching method. Try to carry out the "three step method ofusing" moral lessons in junior high school teaching, its essence is the furtherdevelopment and application of question teaching method. Through the creation of theproblem situation, cultivating students’ problem consciousness and thinking ability,want to build a strong operability, scientific and reasonable, suitable for middle schoolstudents physical and mental development and mental development characteristics oflearning cognitive models, in order to improve the effectiveness of junior middleschool thought moral teaching and moral education practical purpose.This article uses the literature research method, questionnaire survey method,experimental method, mathematical statistics and other research methods to study "thethree steps" in the moral lesson in junior high school. In reference to the relevanttheory and the subject on the basis of research results, in view of the existing problemin the traditional method of teaching, starting from the subject characteristics and theirphysical and mental development of the students characteristics and rule of thinkingdevelopment, the reflections and comparison. The main part of the study with themaximum length of "three step method," the connotation, essence, characteristics,theoretical basis, necessity and feasibility, principles and specific operation method.Design and implementation of the teaching cases in the practice of verification"validity by three step method" in the moral lesson in junior high school. Surveyinformation and experimental data were analyzed, the superiority of the demonstrationof "three step method" and the limitation, thus put forward the "further considerationby three step method" in the moral lesson in junior high school.Therefore, it is very significant to study on "moral education in the middle schoolin three step method."."Three steps method" is to change the traditional teaching tomodern teaching, is an effective complement to traditional teaching method, theteachers play leading role and the students as the main body, has a unique advantage,creative. From the analysis of the teaching effect of dimension,"three steps method" can reflect the students’ learning initiative, through independent learning, inquirylearning, cooperative learning methods, can effectively stimulate students’ learningenthusiasm of Ideological and moral lesson. Practice has proved,"three steps method"is the moral lesson in junior high school is easy to operate and effective.
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