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Research On Vocational Chinese Curriculum In One Year Finance Vocational Technical Secondary School

Posted on:2014-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The current Chinese language and literature education is going into the dilemma in secondary vocational school, which can be described as chicken ribs.On one hand, there is no doubt about the importance of Chinese education. It s is an absolutely necessary basic course in secondary vocational. On the other hand, Chinese education is met with an awkward situation. It is being marginalized. Both language teachers and students are rather tired. Schools and students are so used to downplaying Chinese education that the number of the classes is gradually being cut.To address this situation in Changsha Finance&Economice School, where the author works is an example. The status of Chinese education in the cultural basic courses is undermined. Teaching time is reduced every year. The quality of literary language in Chinese education is becoming less distinct under the idea that the general knowledge course should serve for the special subjects. Especially one-year class has the features of short learning system, less teaching class hours and the more other related courses. What’s more, the structure of students is complicated. The students have quite different advanced Chinese foundations.Considering the class, what the hell to balance the relationship between professional education and Chinese education, how to combine professional competencies with the Humanity Attainment, how to render the Chinese teaching in secondary vocational school to train modern workers of the overall quality, comprehensive occupation capacity and the ability to adapt to the change of vocation, so as to get out of the Chinese teaching difficult in secondary vocational school. The authors suggest that a further study on the vocational Chinese teaching curriculum constitution becomes necessary. The curriculum mode according with the regular and peculiarity of vocational education must be explored. A set of realistic, credible, scientific and reasonable course system must be built.This is the only way to better achieve the training objectives of vocation education, highlight own characteristics, improve the quality of vocational education.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational education, Chinese curriculum, one year, curriculum setting
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