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Research On The Construction Of Changde Education Culture Science And Technology Park

Posted on:2014-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The eighteenth big reports pointed out:"education is the cornerstone of national rejuvenation and social progress. Insist on education priority development, fully implement the party’s education policy, adhere to the education services for socialist modernization construction. To speed up the development of modern vocational education, promote the higher education connotation development, building a learning society". As can be seen from the eighteenth big report education plays an important role in the development of society as a whole, education has become an important part of the central committee of the calendar year work. Is chang De city of Hu Nan province in terms of the present situation of the vocational education and higher education, vocational school recruit students shunt phenomenon serious, vocational school recruit students increasingly fierce competition. Higher education cannot produce accordingly, create good higher education development.Education park is a national higher education, vocational education at present stage of the development of the new carrier, coincided with the Chang De education culture science and technology park construction in domestic initiative. So based on the domestic and international education park construction failure and successful experience for reference, to explore Chang De education practical necessity and theory of culture science and technology park construction. First, this paper summarizes and generalizes the common problems of the construction of the domestic and international education park, as well as the realistic problems in the Chang De of higher education and vocational education. Second, education culture science and technology park construction and development of the guiding ideology, important principles, goals and key for breakthrough to explore the theory source of park construction. Third, according to the construction of park management system, investment mechanism, running mechanism and campus culture construction as the way, actively explore the education culture science and technology park construction perfect sex advice.In terms of theoretical significance of this paper, based on the construction of changde education culture science and technology park as the research object, for the future in education, culture, science and technology at home and abroad as a target for park planning and deep research has important theoretical significance and theoretical guidance. In terms of practical significance, the Chang De education cultural studies of science and technology park, the Chang De economic and social development, cultural undertakings of great development of prosperity, and meet the needs of the masses of the people, has a strong practical significance.
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