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A Study On The Camerounian Secondary School Female Teachers’ Career Course Of Development

Posted on:2014-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425951677Subject:Comparative Education
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Education is a prerequisite for the development of the country, teachers as the critical part of this process, their attitudes、commitments and expectations directly determine the quality of teaching and even the development of education. But to the lagging Africa, with investments from government and increasing international aids to education, they usually choose to increase the amounts of teachers as well as improving the teachers’ skills rather than paying enough attention to some emotional aspects, such as a few dilemmas teachers are going through when they are working. With the educational globalization, paying close attention to the developments of teachers in underdeveloped areas becomes an important subject. And female teachers, as an important part of teaching group, their situation in these areas deserve more attentions especially. Thanks to living in Cameroon for almost one year, this thesis takes Cameroonian secondary school female teachers as research object, combining quantitive method and qualitative method together, in order to explore their real life and show the original state of their career course of development in context of facing conflicts between traditional culture and modern consciousness, as well as analyzing problems they met and concerned factors in each period, based on these trying to address some further ideas.This paper picks five female teachers from a public secondary school in Yaounde as research objects, tries to depict their career courses of development based on different ages, and teaching years, different subjects and positions. It consists of five parts. The first part states the formative process of the study, which involving the origin and the significance of the research with the literature review. Meanwhile it shows the entire process of the research through describing the objects, the methods, the way of collecting、analyzing、 conveying materials. The second part presents the context of the research, including the introduction of Cameroonian education and the development of teachers’education, simultaneously with the general situation of the school which the study takes place as well as personal information of five female teachers. In the third part, it presents the beginning period of the five female teachers’career, five stories are told based on introduction of Cameroonian traditional culture of women. In the fourth part, marriage and family as an important phase is demonstrated, after presenting some original domestic and conjugal customs, experience of five female teachers are showed and analyzed. The last part divides the career course into three stages:initial working days, long-suffering time and expecting time, five personal stories are discussed, the school are also made a detailed description and discussion. In the end, it reflects on the research and gives some suggestions for the future study.The research indicates that the beginning phase of female teachers’career courses is mainly influenced by the environment. It covers two parts:growing environment and studying environment. Growing environment contains good economical conditions, harmonious family circumstances, encouragements from excellent family members etc. During the process of female teachers’ career courses, the marriage and family is an important part. Based on the research, we know that their families generally support them, their attitudes decided by good salary of female teachers and plenty of participation in doing housework, as well as the good personality and welfare of the families, or flexible working time and so on. School, as a stage of career development, is not only a part of career course, but also an important effecting factor. At the initial period, female teachers begin to know how holy the job is, and at the same time some problems appear. At the long-suffering time, plenty of troubles come out, such as imperfect school managerial system, unreasonable time table of classes; conflicts between teachers; large amount of students and matters bring by some naughty ones etc. At the expecting period female teachers begin to plan their career and have some expectations.
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