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Research On Early Warning Mechanism Of Medium Occupation School Financial Risk

Posted on:2013-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Due to the emergence and deepening of our education process of industrialization, China’s secondary vocational schools in the development and diversification of sources of funding development funds, along with such schools are facing a diverse and complex internal and external environment in terms of economic activity increasingly obvious. Therefore, secondary vocational schools within the financial management and accounting audit also growing demand. Determine the characteristics of this new development, strengthen the financial management capacity of the secondary vocational schools, more and more of the financial risk to better prevent and control such schools during operation, to achieve sustainable development in the new era of China’s secondary vocational schools the development of the most critical tasks.In this paper, the basic concepts of financial risk and risk warning, the primary segment as well as the introduction of the core features as an entry point to build the basis of the exposition. Next, this article mainly summarizes and explore the underlying causes of the financial risk of secondary vocational schools. Reference and reference related academic achievements, and combined with the characteristics of the age of the development of secondary vocational schools as well as the evaluation of the need to follow the basic principles of internal financial risk for such schools, the evaluation of the financial risk of secondary vocational schools identified, specific evaluation positioning of such schools in accordance with the solvency, operational capacity, the ability to grow, and eventually formed the index system. Before when the weight on the basis of the above analysis, the paper took the Delphi method, given a risk evaluation selected, and rely on the efficiency coefficient method, the final completion of secondary vocational schools, financial risk early warning model design and build. To further verify the feasibility of the model, as well as more in-depth and specific to recognize the financial risks of secondary vocational schools, the Yunnan Finance schools chose yourself engaged in the major empirical cases, the use of the school for two years in2010and2011the financial data as the fundamental basis to carry out the related discussion to infer the financial risk profile of the Finance School in Yunnan Province in2011. This paper argues that the use of building a good evaluation and early warning model, managers of secondary vocational schools should be judged on the basis of various risks, actively take effective measures to prevent and control the various major financial risk. This article gives the major financial risk for this type of school effective control and preventive measures to help secondary vocational school education function better in the new period of development, while achieving rapid development, social and economic operation in the future rightful development status.
Keywords/Search Tags:Secondary vocational schools, Financial Risk, Early Warning Mechanism
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