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The Survey And Thought Of Talent Team Construction From Party And Government In Ethnic Minority Areas In Gansu Province

Posted on:2014-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425965804Subject:Public administration
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With the deepening of economic globalization and the tortuous development of political multi-polarization, human capital has become the most important strategic resources and has been showing its decisive significance in the comprehensive national strength competition. China is a multi-ethnic developing country with a majority of Han. Since the reform and opening, the development of human resources in ethnic minority areas has become an important portion of human resource strategy of the whole country. The party and government have formed relatively complete policies and regulations system which provide effective policy support to the cultivation of talents in ethic minority areas. With weak natural condition and economic foundation, Gansu province is located in the northwestern of China. Problem of human resource has long been its "bottleneck", and it has been much more difficult for ethic minority areas of this province to attract and retain talents. Thanks to the availability of data from Linxia, this study plans to do some questionnaire survey and analysis about the problems of human resource development in Linxia.With a total area of8169square kilometers, Linxia lies in south central Gansu and has a population of more than two million which includes minority ethnic people of Hui, Baoan, Sala, Tu and Dongxiang. In recent years, LinXia has firmly established the concept of "human resource is the first resource" and has implemented the strategy of talents. With the innovation of leadership mechanism, training mechanism, working mechanism, and guarantee mechanism, Linxia concentrates on two key points of talents training and talents using, which provide a strong support to the economic and social development. However, due to historical and natural reasons, the business of human resources in LinXia still exists many problems:poor talents quantity and quality, unreasonable structure of talents, serious brain drain, etc. If these problems are not resolved in good time, they might lead to a vicious circle which will seriously hinder the sustainable development of local economy and a good political situation of national solidarity. Therefore, the author tries to analysis the current problems existing in the party and government talents troop and dig out the interior and exterior reasons. To conduct the research, the author will exert the research methods of materials reading, questionnaire survey, field investigation, interviews, discussion, and etc. based on the theories of public administration and human resource management, the author will give some specific suggestions to improve the party and government human resource troop. Above all, this study strives to promoting the talent development in ethnic minority areas in Gansu province, and to providing some beneficial reference of promoting economic and social development in ethnic minority areas of this province.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government, talent, ethic minority area, countermeasure study
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