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The Family Planning Policy In The New Period And The Opertaion At The Grass-roots Level

Posted on:2014-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Family planning is a national basic policy for a long time in our country, it roles an overall and fundamental role in China’s population, society and economy development. The goal of family planning policy in China was described as "Control population quantity, Improve population quality". Although the family planning policy which was brew and implemented since the republic of China had found has made great achievements in the field of population control, however, the current pressure of our country population is still great, and other problems such as population aging, floating population difficult management, imbalance distribution of population and other issues in the social and economic development were increasingly highlighted. This would require new ways and methods in the implementation process of the family planning in grassroots level, and change thoughts and strategy in time when facing of new and old problems. This would to promote China’s family planning policy carried out effectively.The key process in Family Planning system is the running of the policy. It has formed a complete set of system in family planning execution in our country; all levels of government, community and village have their corresponding function of family planning unit. In the execution of the Family Planning, formed the township streets family, each city family planning bureau, the commission to the execution of family planning system in various provinces and the central commission of the family planning in the system. The research object of this article is the running of the family planning policy at the local level specifically refers to the operation practice family planning policies at the local level, trouble analysis, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for the basic operation difficulties.The full paper is divided into six parts; the main contents are as follows:Chapter1:Introduction. Mainly includes the background and significance of the research, basic thought and method, and the innovation of this research.Chapter2:The development and change of China’s one-child policy in the new period. The paper based on the key point of family planning policy adjustment, make the family planning policy in the new period that more than30years divided into three stages, and summarized characteristics and development of family planning in each stage.Chapter3:Empirical research-family planning work in the new period in Hebei S city. Based on the family planning work in S city, this paper summarized the family planning work situation of S city, and pointed out the grass-roots problems arising from the operation in city S family planning work.Chapter4:The practical difficulties in current family planning work at the grass-roots level operation. The paper analyzed the current family planning work of the country grass-roots implementation in various angles combined empirical research area with the other cities’ family planning work.Chapter5:Countermeasures and suggestions to perfect the current family planning policy in the city operation. This section puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions at the grass-roots level after the cause analysis of the current family planning operation realistic predicament which mentioned above.Last:Conclusion. This part was the summaries and corresponding conclusions of the paper. It has pointed out the deficiency existing in the research of family planning in the new period and to be perfect.
Keywords/Search Tags:New period, Family planning policy, Grass-roots level Operation, Optimization and improvement, Countermeasures and Suggestions
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