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The Comparative Study Of Financing Channels Between American Universities And Chinese Universities

Posted on:2013-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The main purpose of this paper is to study the difference of university financing channels between China and America, to analyze the reasons of existing difference of Chinese and to put forwards the suggestions suited for the present circumstances.At first, on the basis of the present situation that the paper studies, the thesis offers reasons and significance why the title is chosen. Combining with the present situation of the fundraising home and abroad, the thesis defines some words, such as fundraising, ways of fundraising, mechanism of fundraising and economics of scale. Also, it explains the availability and necessity of university’s fundraising. Three theories are cited to support the thesis, and they are the theory of public goods of university, human capital theory of university and the sharing of the cost of higher education. Four relative principles will supplement the theories in a further step.Secondly, the thesis introduces the various ways of fundraising of colleges and universities between China and America, including the financial support of government, social donation, tuition revenue, debt financing, market and social services. Moreover, it also analyzes all sorts of ways of fundraising from all kinds of perspectives, like history, current situation, characters and effective factors.Thirdly, it compares the main five fundraising ways between American universities and Chinese university in line accordance with both data so that the difference between them can be got. The result presents that there is a huge difference in social donation and debt financing. In light of the current situation of America and China, the thesis studies the difference and searches for the reason from the aspects of government, marketing economy, traditional culture and university itself.At last, just as the mentioned above, comparing both macroscopic conditions, the thesis will make a suggestion that Chinese university should borrow some available fundraising ways. Furthermore, it also put forwards some further information to perfect the system of fundraising of Chinese university from the perspective of five fundraising ways. They are enhancing the influence on universities, perfecting the differentiation system of university charging, improving the support and management for university donation, promoting the development of educational bonds and strengthening the relation with market respectively.
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