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An Study On The Multidimensional Poverty Measurement Of Rural In China

Posted on:2014-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a historical phenomenon spreading over the world, china is known as the world’s most populous country; rural residents take up a large proportion in China, which also makes China rural poverty become a major concern. With the development of economy, absolute poverty in rural China has been greatly eased, however, some new features of the times such as continuously rising of re-poverty-stricken rate in rural areas and diversity of rural poverty has appeared. Poverty is not only based on income and consumption dimension poverty, rural education, health care, health conditions and information circulation also has an important impact on rural poverty.Against the background of new era, re-identify and re-measure china’s rural poverty, taking china’s rural poverty problem from unidimensional perspective to multidimensional perspective, which has an important significance to enhance efficiency of poverty and improve rural poverty in China. This thesis first combs the development and evolution of poverty theory at home and abroad, points out different dimensions of multidimensional poverty; then compares with different poverty measurement methods and find a suitable measure of this article; finally, takes the data on China Health and Nutrition Survey to explore the different dimension which has an important impact on multidimensional poverty in rural China. This thesis is divided into5chapters:Chapter1is a general introduction. Mainly introduces the background, purpose and structure of the topic, also gives the innovation and deficiency of this thesis.Chapter2is an overview of the multidimensional poverty theory. Mainly illustrates the research ideas of multidimensional poverty at home and abroad, elaborates the development of poverty theory in different aspects, and comes up with the directions of this thesis---multidimensional poverty.Chapter3is the study of poverty measurement methods, then, put forward AF poverty measurement method.Chapter4is an analysis of poverty problem in rural China to measure the impoverishment rate on different dimensions and different provinces, which also dynamically reflect the development of rural poverty in China.Chapter5is conclusion and policy recommendations. Analyze the findings of poverty measurement in different provinces to make appropriate recommendations and find out the deficiency in poverty alleviation in China.According to the statistical analysis of rural poverty, income dimension is no longer the main influencing factors; however, education, health care and health level have a significant contribution to multidimensional poverty. Through decompositing china rural poverty incidence rate of different provinces, we can find that economic development can improve poverty conditions in rural, but they are not balanced in different country, compared with the eastern region, the Midwest is relatively poverty, of which Henan Province has a great contribution on the multidimensional poverty. Therefore, we should accord to the result of poverty measurement to strengthen the development of education, healthcare and sanitary facilities to reduce poverty, carry out regional differentiation strategy to reduce the happening of the poverty.The innovation of this paper lies in, domestic research on Multidimensional Poverty mainly focus on some certain aspects, such as, practical ability, vulnerability and social exclusion, which can not fully reflect the incidence of poverty in rural china. This thesis is analyze and summarize existing literature at home and abroad to combine different indexes into one multidimensional poverty index system, which can more fully reflect the development status of the poverty.The deficiencies mainly include, because of the constraints of data availability and feasibility, the selection of all indexes may not be accurate, such as vulnerability dimension, which might be threatened by natural disasters, economic threats as well as threats posed by social relations,and so on. However, because of the constraints of data availability, if there is formal measure become the single indicator, resulting in measurement deviations, and thus affecting the recognition results.
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