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Study On Application Of Comprehensive Development Index Theory And Method

Posted on:2015-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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An outline of the eleventh five-year plan points out:"Based on thescientific development concept basic connotation and spiritual essence, weshould build a comprehensive evaluation system of economic and socialDevelopment meeting with Scientific Outlook on Development. In march2011,the12th Five–Year Plan noted the importance of the theme of scientificdevelopment,to accelerate the transformation of economic development as themain line, and adhere to the progress of science and technology as an importantsupport to accelerate the transformation of economic development modecoordination, to weaken the evaluation assessment of economic increase, and tostrengthen the structure of optimization, the people’s livelihood improvement,resource conservation, environmental protection, the well-being of Basic publicservices, and social management of comprehensive evaluation, aiming atbuilding a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, to promoteeconomic and the development of population, resources and environment. Thisrequest for the regional economy, the livelihood of the people, society, ecology,science and technology development trend of the five systems and coordinationdegree has a overall analysis of the evaluation.Based on the state of14cities in gansu province as the research object, weanalyzes the economic development, people’s livelihood improvement, socialdevelopment, ecological construction, science and technology innovation systemof the comprehensive development level. Firstly we introduce the evolution course of comprehensive development, and the research status at home andabroad for development, comprehensive development index system and relatedtheory, and then expound the construction of index system, using the index ofvariation coefficient method selection, and index system of the overallimprovement, finally construct the system of three levels, the first level for thetotal index, the second for the classification of specific indicators, the third poleis a specific index, which is divided into five subsystems and42indicators of aset of index system, using the established evaluation index system ofcomprehensive development level of14city states in our province is evaluated.Datas are from the statistical yearbook2012in gansu province and theconstruction of a well-off society in an all-round way monitoring report in gansuprovince. Firstly, we collect and sort these datas, and standardize processing,Sceondly, we choose the subjective and objective method,--the expert scoringmethod and principal component analysis for the establishment of index systemof weights, and then using the method of combination weights to get the finalweight, calculating and analying those regions. According to this article for thedevelopment of gansu province, we put forward the targeted strategy, topromote the comprehensive development of gansu province in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:The comprehensive development index, Study on theoryand method, Gansu province, Assessment and analysis
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