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Emotional Education Of Classical Poetry Teaching In High School Chinese

Posted on:2015-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a course heavily colored by humanism, Chinese is the foundation of students’ lifelong development. Classical Chinese poetry is the accumulation of its splendid culture, for thousands of years has been said by people. Now, in Chinese teaching in the middle school, the teaching of classical poetry has vital tasks:inherit Chinese traditional excellent culture and realize emotional educational function. Classical poetry of the middle school Chinese teaching, which contains rich emotional education factors, is indispensable to implementing emotional education.As a kind of teaching thought, emotional education has a long history. However, in the nearly30years, along with the development of educational psychology research and the rise of worldwide educational reform, emotional education has turn to be systematic. In the late1970s to the early80s, a large number of scholars in our country have conducted a series of trail and experiment, and gradually refined the guide by emphasizing the essential role of emotional in the teaching method and direction of educational reform. In October1990, the national education conference, for the first time marked the emotional education subject to deepen, and emotional education under the guidance of theory to practice in all direction.This paper is composed of five chapters as following:Chapter I:Mainly introduces the significance of studying of classical poetry in middle school Chinese teaching and the research status at home and abroad about emotional education.Chapter II:Mainly deal with the connotation and function of emotion education, as well as the classical poetry and emotion education of middle school Chinese teaching.Chapter III:The main content of emotional education of classical poetry teaching in middle school. Mainly introduces the cultivation of moral emotion and aesthetic emotion respectively.Chapter IV: Strategies of emotional education in classical poetry teaching of Chinese teaching in junior middle school. From two angle, discuss the role which teaching method and teachers’quality plays in the emotional education of classical poetry teaching in the middle school Chinese teaching respectively.Chapter V:Conclusion. This paper take the teaching idea of "humanism—oriented" as its core element, discussing the the content of emotional teaching in classical poetry teaching as well as the function which emotional education play in the classical poetry teaching, then, through a comprehensive direction and multilevel sum up the way how to deal with emotional education in classical poetry teaching.
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