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The Strategy Of The Apartment Chinese Traditional Culture In Chinese Teaching In Middle School

Posted on:2015-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the dual impact of the rapid development of society and cultural tide, excellent local traditional culture gradually eroded and weakened, saving the national traditional culture is growing. How to make the traditional culture will be better, more effective inheritance, become an important subject in countries and many scholars think. The middle school language, as an important carrier of culture to young people, a cultural heritage functions and responsibilities, especially the middle school Chinese teaching, not only to improve adolescents’ cognition, which plays an important role in understanding, also has a very important value to inherit traditional culture. In this paper Chinese relationship between traditional culture and Chinese teaching in middle school, is divided into the following five chapters:The introduction part, analysis the background, significance and application value. In the face of increasingly fierce competition of culture, the anomie of juvenile delinquency and ethics, we must re recognize be ignored the excellent traditional culture, hope that through the education of traditional culture on the students, to improve the bad situation at present.The first chapter, the paper expounds the Chinese traditional culture in the Chinese teaching in middle school teaching content and the meaning of education. The first section, on the one hand, simply elaborated the modern connotation of Chinese traditional culture, from the Chinese characters, literature and art, ethics, philosophy, etiquette and four aspects to analyze the teaching content of Chinese traditional culture, draw many content is suitable for middle school students of Chinese traditional culture, traditional culture education. The second section, on the one hand, it analyses the reasons of the traditional culture education of middle school students, from the current junior high school education, junior middle school Chinese education, junior middle school students humanities quality and the status quo of the traditional culture in Chinese teaching in four aspects carries on the analysis, found that the current education of Chinese traditional culture environment concern; On the other hand, the author from raise moral sentiments, shape character behavior, improving the Chinese accomplishment from second aspects, analyzes the Chinese traditional culture education significance.The second chapter, explains how the penetration of Chinese traditional culture in the junior middle school Chinese teaching. In the first quarter, with the help of a teacher’s accomplishment, set an example of the traditional culture of students learning. The language teacher through emotion and knowledge accomplishment, lead students into the cultural state of mind, to guide students cultural vision. In the second quarter, with qiao productive method, stimulates the student to study the traditional culture of interest. Through films teaching this kind of teaching model with general dissimilar teaching, attract the students attention, awaken them with virtue. Traditional culture connotation in the third quarter, mining, trains the student to learn the traditional culture. Language teachers to use modern and classical Chinese characters in different subjects, such as, stories and other elements, through the text teaching and writing teaching mode of double penetration of traditional culture. Fourth, rich and colorful activities, broaden the students to learn the way of traditional culture. Through holding held close to modern, make knowledge correct or theatrical performances, reading cards and other activities, to increase high school students1interest in studying traditional culture.The third chapter, in middle school Chinese teaching penetration problems that should be paid attention to Chinese traditional culture. Take a long view, respect for good multicultural based on reality, absorb the excellent traditional culture.
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