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Status Quo Investigation And Influence Factors Analysis Of Physical Quality Of Senior High School Students In Xingtai City

Posted on:2015-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428479893Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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With the rapid development of economic and social, the living standard of people andideas have changed a lot, heavy entrance pressure for most middle school students feel tired,is in the late teens, high school students is an important period of development, in order to getbetter grades they had to give up most of the sports activities, lead to the majority of studentslack of vitality, the present situation of the physical quality is poorer, but for each person inhigh school physical health will play an important role in the development of the future,physical quality is an important part of physical health, no guarantee of physical quality,physical health is impossible, in the current push against the background of quality educationand health education can’t slack off on the development of students’ physical quality, increasethe focus on high school students physical health, has been the immediate priority.This article USES the literature material law, investigation method, mathematicalstatistics, logic analysis, interviews and other research methods, from the student physiquehealth test, the condition of students’ physical quality, school, society, family and parents,students personal factors, the city of xingtai six of the affiliated high school students’ physicalquality were investigated. By studying the following conclusions: xingtai high schoolstudents’ physical quality is not optimistic, some students physical quality index is on thedecline, because the school resources, imperfect mechanism of education, school entrancepressure, parent families of students physical quality is not good security, some middle schoolstudents’ understanding of physical exercise to enhance physical fitness has obvious error,physical exercise can not get enough attention in the daily life learning, sports socialpropaganda is not enough. School sports teachers of middle school students’ physicaleducation teaching position, etc. To solve above problems is put forward in this paper toimprove the understanding of the physical education to the student, correct regular sportsteaching, sports extracurricular activities actively, build healthy sports atmosphere, strengthenthe input of funds for sports education resources, strengthen social propaganda of sports, suchas improve people’s understanding of sports fitness advice.
Keywords/Search Tags:high school students, physical quality present situation, xingtai
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