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What Is The Teachers’ Eudaimonia Life

Posted on:2015-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Eudaimonia is so fascinating, has touched people’s hearts for thousands years.Everyone is yeaning and longing for eudaimonia, and the pursuit of eudaimonia is humannature. Therefore, the pursuit of eudaimonia has become an eternity in the process ofhuman development. With the development of the times, the teachers’ eudaimonia hasincreasingly attracted people’s attention and gradually entered the vision of the educationresearchers. As the main implementation of eudaimonia education, teachers have dedicatedtheir lives for each student’s development and happy life. But teachers are ordinary people,they also need to survive and develop, need the care from others and happy life.We can say that Aristotle is a master of the theory of eudaimonia, his thinking anddiscussing about eudaimonia in “the Nicomachean Ethics” is the most profound andsystematic at the time of ancient Greece, with an indelible mark and irreplaceablecontributions in the history of human ethics. This paper will be based on the meaning ofeudaimonia which is discussed in “the Nicomachean Ethics”, then try to regard the teacheras a complete individual to explore and discuss the teachers’ eudaimonia life from theangle of pedagogy and ethics. I really hope that more people will give humanistic care tothe teachers, more scholars and researchers will focus on the teachers’ overall eudaimonia,and the discussing in this paper will be helpful for teachers to pursue eudaimonia.The paper is divided into five parts:The first chapter is an introduction. This chapter mainly introduces research purposes,research significance, research methods, literature review, etc.The second chapter mainly introduces the main contents of Aristotle’s view ofeudaimonia, including the meaning of eudaimonia, the conditions to achieve eudaimoniaand so on. Aristotle believes that eudaimonia is the highest goodness; eudaimonia is amoral activity in line with the part of the logos in the soul of human, and meditation is thegreatest eudaimonia. And the realization of eudaimonia needs various conditions assupplements, which mainly includes the goodness of body, the goodness of soul and the external goodness. While I proceed the in-depth analysis of Aristotle’s view of eudaimonia,I dig up the reference value and point out its defects and deficiencies.The third chapter analyzes and compares teachers’ vocational eudaimonia andindividual eudaimonia, trying to clarify the connotation of teachers’ eudaimonia. Teachers’vocational eudaimonia is spiritual, educational, collective and infinite, and will generatethe value of life, education and society. Teachers’ individual eudaimonia is alwaysneglected by people, so teachers should actively pursue their own individual eudaimonia tomake them experience the perfect and satisfactory eudaimonia.The fourth chapter mainly discusses the teachers how to get eudaimonia according toAristotle’s view of eudaimonia in “the Nicomachean Ethics”, that are the conditions andways to achieve teachers’ eudaimonia. This chapter analyzes the indispensable factors toachieve teachers’ eudaimonia mainly from the goodness of body, the goodness of soul andthe external goodness. Striving to provide some reference for teachers who pursueeudaimonia, and helping them pursue and achieve their own eudaimonia in their limitedlives.The fifth chapter is the conclusion of this paper, which summarizes someenlightenment for contemporary teachers pursuing success and eudaimonia from thegoodness of body, the goodness of soul and the external goodness in Aristotle’s view ofeudaimonia.
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