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The Conflicts And Co-ordination Between Mountain Outdoor Sports And Ecological Environment Protection Under The Background Of Ecological Civilization

Posted on:2015-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The document of <CCP’s decision on deepening the reform of some major issues> released by the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteen clearly states that people should focus on the structural reform for the construction of ecological civilization in China; accelerate the establishment of ecological civilization system; strengthen the mechanism for land space development, economical use of resources and eco-environmental protection; and promote a new pattern of modernization for the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. These initiatives sufficiently indicate that the construction of ecological civilization has become a highly concerned issue in China. Moreover, compared to economic development the government pays more attention to the protection of the ecological environment, which reflects that both the decision makers and the public lay more and more emphasis on the environment issue. Given this backdrop, the improvements of people’s life directly or indirectly promote the continuous development of mountain outdoor sports, wherefore the contradictions between mountain outdoor sports and protection of ecological environment begin to appear. It has also become one of the reasons why the author studies the subject.The first chapter is Introduction. In this chapter, the purposes and significances of this thesis, the content and research methodology of this thesis, the literature review of ecological civilization, ecological and environmental protection, and mountain outdoor sports are introduced.The second chapter is The Analysis on the Impacts of Sport on Ecological Environment. Along with the development of human society, technology and living standards have been greatly improved. In the same way, the forms of human sports are changing. Although competitive sports have their own fixed sports venues and facilities which may bring effects to eco-environment, the conflicts between them are not serious. However, outdoor sports as one of the important sport forms are developing and their types and contents are expanding, which brings many impacts to the natural environment. This thesis illustrates the impacts on various aspects of the environment from the two levels of mechanical sport and general sport. This chapter elaborates that with frequent human activities the impacts of sport on ecological environment have become more and more serious. Based on the analysis data of the impacts of sport on ecological environment, this chapter studies the cause of the impacts of sport on ecological environment and concludes the pollution caused by sport and the impacts on ecological environment caused by invading natural environment. At the end of this chapter, from the perspective of economics the author elaborates the impact of sport development on the ecological environment is an inevitable developing trend in the economic society. The third chapter introduces the Contradictions and Conflicts between Mountain Outdoor Sports and Protection of Ecological Environment. Although it is a dialectic and uniform relationship between the tourism resources development and ecological environment protection, tourism resources development often leads to the deterioration of the ecological environment in the actual operation of developing tourism resources in China. Chapter four discusses the Integration and Coordination between Mountain Outdoor Sports and Ecological Environment Protection.The conclusion part of this thesis summarizes the perspectives of the thesis and provides suggestions to the harmonious development between mountain outdoor sports and protection of ecological environment.
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