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A Study On The Effectiveness Of Lexical Chunks Approach In English Writing Teaching In Senior High School

Posted on:2015-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Writing is an indispensable part of English teaching in senior high schools. NewEnglish Curriculum Standard explicitly points out that one of the tasks for high schools isto pay special attention to improving the students’ ability to express ideas in English. Itshows that English writing ability is one of the most important communicative abilities thatstudents should grasp. However, current teaching’s and learning’s methods still exist manyproblems. Students are lack of accurate expression of written language, which is only oneside of the matter. The other side is that the traditional writing pedagogy does not putteaching of writing into effect. In this thesis, the method of teaching English writing bychunks offers a new way of solving these problems. Hence, in order to improve students’writing ability, it is recommended to adopt the lexical chunks approach in English writingteaching.Michael Lewis, the originator of the lexical chunks approach, puts forward thatlanguage consists of grammaticalized lexis, not lexicalized grammar, which has laid greatemphasis on lexical chunks. Besides, the lexical chunks regarded as a crucial portion in ourdaily communication makes English teaching, listening, speaking, reading and writingdeeper-understandable and easier-grasped. Lexical chunks are also the combination ofsemantic meanings, grammatical rules, and pragmatic contexts. Therefore, to verify theadvantages and positive effects of lexical chunks approach on English writing teaching,this study aims at answering the following questions:Firstly, is the application of the lexical chunks approach feasible and effective insenior high schools’ English writing teaching? Secondly, can the lexical chunks approacharouse students’ interest and strengthen their confidence in English writing teaching?Thirdly, can students have obvious improvements in their writing proficiency with the helpof the lexical chunks approach in English writing teaching?The research results are based on a nearly four-month experiment operation. Theexperiment is involved in two classes in Senior High School in Fuxin, Liaoning province.During the studying process, class one, the control class, basically focus on the traditionalpedagogy, meanwhile, the class two mainly focus on the lexical chunks teaching modelwhich is a student-centered teaching method with the application of writing exercises. Inthe experiment, the subjects are asked to take the pre-test, post-test and two questionnairesrespectively. Before and after the experiment, by means of choosing4students to do theinterview randomly and the help of SPSS software, the scientific analysis of data is completed in order to understand students’ thoughts to the approach and applicationsituation. The research results of the data in EC show that the mean score of pre-test andpost-test are respectively14.63and17.36, the value of Sig.(2-tailed) is0.000, which issmaller than0.05. It indicates that there is a significant difference between pre-test andpost-test in EC. Therefore, in senior high schools’ English writing teaching, the applicationof lexical chunks approach is not only feasible and effective, but also arouses students’interest as well as strengthens their confidence, and then the students’ English writingproficiency is enhanced on the whole. What’s more, in this thesis, the lexical chunksapproach provides an effective way for the reforms of senior high schools’ English writingteaching and it has the instructional significance as well as a great research value forfurther English teaching studies.
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