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The Application Of Cooperative Learning To The Teaching Of English Writing In Senior High School

Posted on:2015-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present, English writing becomes an indispensable part in peoples’ life, both in the dailycommunication and the international cooperation. However, English writing teaching has notbeen received a lot of attention in China, which makes it emerge some weaknesses anddisadvantages. Cooperative learning is considered to be the means of changing the presentsituation of English writing teaching, which is mainly applied to various areas and subjects andthought to be effective. Writing has been regarded as a dynamic, developmental and holisticprocess in the viewpoint of cooperative learning which lay stress on the interactive cooperationbetween teachers and students or students and students. It can shift the teaching mode fromteacher-centered into student-centered, convert the uptight learning atmosphere into lively,enjoyable and harmonious which is conductive to both of the learning process and the teachingeffect.The purpose of this paper is to study the feasibility and the necessity of cooperative learningwhich is applied in high school English writing teaching, and to explore the actual effects ofcooperative learning theory through qualitative and quantitative research. To explore theinfluence of cooperative learning in senior high school English writing teaching by reviewing itsrelated theories combining with domestic and foreign research and the present situation.To identify the effectiveness of this theory in senior school English writing teaching, anempirical research which is combined with questionnaire has been carried out. The experimentapplies two grade-two classes with similar number of students and similar English level into thedata analysis. Based on the theories and the experiment, there are two questions need to beproved:(1) Can cooperative learning relieve students’ anxiety and make them like writing?(2) Can cooperative learning increase students’ English writing scores?The conclusion reveals the difference between the pre-test and post-test score of EC. Beforethe experiment, the mean score of EC is12.9474and after the experiment, the mean score is17.5000. The significant value is.000which is less than0.05, and zero is not included in the95%confidence in interval of the difference. So it proved that there is a great different inteaching achievement. By analyzing the questionnaires, it can be seen that more than60%of thestudents feel that then become interested in writing and decrease the anxiety.The results of the experiment show that cooperative learning has positive effects onincreasing senior high students’ writing scores. This theory stimulates students’ writing interestand relieves their anxiety in writing. The findings generated from the current research imply thatcooperative learning can be applied to English writing teaching in senior high schools.
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