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Harmonious Interaction Method In Middle School Writings In Classical Style Teaching Research

Posted on:2015-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J LiuFull Text:PDF
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The basic feature of Chinese language courses proposed by the New Curriculum is "the unity of instrumental and humanity". As an essential part of Chinese language courses, classical Chinese represents considerable significance of which, so it is the unity of classical Chinese, article, literature and culture. However, there are many factors which prevent the reform and development of classical Chinese teaching, making it to be the weaknesses in the middle school Chinese curriculum. After the usage of New Curriculum, more and more teachers and researchers call for reform and innovation of teaching methods in classical Chinese curriculum.Based on the collation and analysis of literature data, including the teaching methods of Chinese course and classical Chinese curriculum, and material of the New Curriculum, the researcher offers some advices to the classical Chinese teaching.Firstly, this article analyses the current situation and problems of classical Chinese teaching in middle school. With the classical Chinese teaching, school allows students to learn style of the ancient society, to taste splendid national culture, to foster students’ positive values, to improve students’ability to learn modern culture. Furthermore, the classical Chinese is the carrier of our excellent national culture, so it is very important to learn classical Chinese for middle school students. But now, there are a lot of problems in classical Chinese teaching, mainly in terms of teachers, students and teaching goals. The analysis of traditional teaching methods allowing us to better identify problems, solve problems. Then, a better way could be found for classical Chinese teaching.Secondly, the researcher presents Harmony Interactive Teaching methods, and interprets its basic principles and general procedures, and the use in the classical Chinese teaching.Finally, this article gives the recommendations on the Harmony Interactive Teaching methods, wishing to be more conducive to classical Chinese teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:middle school Chinese curriculum, classical Chinese, teaching methods, harmonious interaction
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